Live-in partner stabbed to death, then dismembered her body

Delhi's Shraddha-like murder in Hyderabad: Live-in partner stabbed to death, then dismembered her body

May 24, 2023 - 22:38
Live-in partner stabbed to death, then dismembered her body

An incident similar to the murder of Shraddha Walker in Delhi has happened in Hyderabad. A man killed his live-in partner by stabbing her. Then to dispose of the dead body, it was cut into several pieces.
The police have arrested the accused B Chandra Mohan (48). Police said that Anuradha Reddy was stabbed to death by Chandra Mohan. To dispose of his body, his body was cut into several pieces.
DCP South East Zone CH Rupesh told the agency that on May 17, we received a complaint from a GHMC worker. He said that an unidentified woman's head was lying in a black cloth at a garbage dumping site beside Thiagalguda Road, near Musi River, in front of Afzal Nagar community hall.
We have formed a total of eight teams to investigate the matter. After probing the matter for a week, we found an accused. After questioning the accused, the deceased has been identified as Y Anuradha Reddy (55). The accused was related to the deceased. The accused kept the deceased in a part on the ground floor of his house. The accused took around 7 lakh rupees from Anuradha in 2018. Despite repeated requests from Anuradha, the money was not returned. The deceased was pressurizing the accused for money. He got upset with the attitude of the deceased and planned to elope.
Police said that the accused killed the woman on May 12 as part of a pre-planned plan. As per the plan, on May 12, in the afternoon, the accused quarreled with the deceased over the issue of money and attacked her with a knife. Stabbed him in the chest and abdomen with a knife. Due to this Anuradha died on the spot.
Police said that the accused bought two small stone-cutting machines (small) to dispose of the body. After that, the accused cut the head from the torso and kept it in black polythene. Then he severed the legs and hands by cutting them with a stone cutting machine. Put the legs and hands in the fridge. While the torso was kept in a suitcase for disposal.
On May 15, the accused brought the severed head of the deceased and threw it at the dumping place. Thereafter, the accused brought bottles of Phenyl, Dettol, Perfume Agarbatti, Karpuram, and perfume spray and kept spraying them regularly on the body parts of the deceased so that the foul smell would not spread in the surrounding area.
Thereafter, the accused took the cell phone of the deceased and sent messages to her acquaintances to make them believe that she was alive and living somewhere.
Shraddha Walker was killed in a similar incident in Delhi. Later his body was cut into 35 pieces. The accused Aftab Amin Poonawala has been arrested in this case.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer