Gang rape in Hyderabad: Accused kidnapped a minor girl and took her to two hotels

Gang rape in Hyderabad: The accused kidnapped a minor girl and took her to two hotels, found her unconscious, 2 accused arrested

Gang rape in Hyderabad: Accused kidnapped a minor girl and took her to two hotels

Police have arrested two accused in the case of kidnapping and gang-raping a minor girl in Hyderabad, Telangana. After leaving the girl's house, the accused took her in their car to two hotels and gang-raped her there. The accused will be produced in court today. Police are investigating through CCTV for the incident.

The victim girl is said to be from the Dabirpura area of ​​old Hyderabad city. Police found the girl in an unconscious state near Chadarghat. Based on the complaint of his mother, the police have registered a case. Police Inspector G Koteswara Rao said, “The matter is being investigated, and we will share further details of the case after investigation.”

Police said, “The girl was taken to the 'Bharosa' help center (an initiative of the city police) for counselling and recording her statement. A medical examination of the girl was also done. Based on the report of the same, we are increasing further sections in the case. Police quoted a complaint filed by the girl's parents as saying that both the accused took the 14-year-old girl to a hotel two days ago and sexually assaulted her.

She came to know after the accused released the girl on Wednesday. A case of kidnapping was registered on the basis of the complaint on September 13, but later the charge was changed to gangrape, a police official said.

The victim's mother told the media that on the night of September 12, around 8.15 pm, the girl had gone to a shop to buy soap. I had also given him 500 rupees to take some medicines because I had chest pain. But she did not return even after a long time. The next day the mother complained. The police brought her home late in the evening of September 14, but by then she was in a state of unconsciousness and was not able to walk properly, the woman said. On repeated questioning, the girl told her mother that she was kidnapped by two youths.

The mother claimed, quoting her daughter, “She was taken in a car to a hotel, where she was given some injections and forced to drink a cold drink mixed with some pills. She was physically harassed and sexually assaulted by two youths." Based on the information given by the girl, the police inspected two hotels in Nampally where the accused had taken the girl and sexually assaulted her.

Police said the accused booked a room at a hotel on Nampally station road on the night of September 12. He gave the girl a sedative injection and went out. He was also in a state of intoxication. When the hotel staff asked him for an identity card, he refused to give it. The next day, when the hotel management insisted that they give their identity cards, they checked out.

Later, at around 9 pm on 13 September, he checked in at another nearby hotel and checked out on the afternoon of 14 September. The police officer said, "The accused dropped the girl near Chadarghat and left from there.