Doctor ran 3 km to save the patient in Bangalore

The doctor ran to save the patient in Bangalore: There was a traffic jam, left the car on time to do the surgery; reached the hospital after running 3 km

Sep 12, 2022 - 20:48
Doctor ran 3 km to save the patient in Bangalore

In Bangalore, the doctor took such a step to save the life of his patient, which has become an example for others. This doctor is Dr. Govind Nandakumar, Surgeon of Gastroenterology at Manipal Hospital. Those who were on their way to undergo an urgent laparoscopic gallbladder surgery on August 30, but got stuck in a jam on Sarjapur-Marathalli.
Dr. Nandakumar, seeing the traffic, thought that being late could endanger the life of the woman, so he left the car there and ran three kilometres to the hospital for surgery. Its video is now going viral.
Dr. Nand Kumar told that he travels daily from Central Bangalore to Manipal Hospital, Sarjapur. That day also he left the house before time. His team was fully prepared for the surgery. Seeing the heavy traffic, he decided to leave the car with the driver and without hesitation drove towards the hospital.
Dr. Nandakumar's team, which was ready to give anesthesia to the patient, swung into action as soon as they reached the operation theatre. Without any delay, the doctor put on the surgical dress and performed the operation. Which was successful and the female patient was discharged on time.
Dr. Nand Kumar also made a short video about running, which he shared on Monday. In an interview, he told- This is not the first time that I have faced such a situation. One has to travel on foot in many parts of Bengaluru, sometimes crossing railway lines. I was not worried, as our hospital has enough staff and infrastructure to take good care of a patient. The situation may not be the same for smaller hospitals.
Regarding the traffic, he said that that day the patient and his family were also waiting for the doctor. Everyone was wondering what would happen if a patient in an ambulance got stuck in traffic because there was no space for the ambulance to pass. Traffic jams are a common problem in Bangalore. However, the city has been battling rain for the last few days.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer