Dengue cases increased as the rain slowed down

Dengue cases increased as the rain slowed down: 532 cases were found in the state in 13 days, of which 30 percent came in Jaipur

Sep 16, 2022 - 20:11
Dengue cases increased as the rain slowed down

With the slowing down of rains in Rajasthan, seasonal diseases are wreaking havoc. The increase in the cases of viral fever, dengue, and malaria increased the number of patients in the hospital across the state. In this, increasing cases of dengue, the deadliest disease, have become worrying. If we look at the report of the last 13 days (from 1 to 13 September), 532 cases have been found in the state, out of which 30 percent (161 patients) cases are from Jaipur alone. This is only the government data, which the Health Department Rajasthan is getting from the CMHOs of all the districts.
Whereas the records of patients of private hospitals and medical colleges are not coming out yet. However, it is a matter of relief that in the cases that are coming this time, the cases of falling platelets are a little less, so there is not much fight in the hospital regarding blood and SDP. According to Dr. Puneet Saxena, Senior Professor of SMS Medical College and Head of Medicine Unit, OPD has increased in the hospital these days and dengue patients are coming every day. At present, 10 percent of the total patients in the General Medicine Department are suffering from dengue malaria.
According to experts, after having dengue, most patients' platelets fall rapidly. If a patient's platelets fall below 25,000, then it threatens the patient's life. In such a situation, the chances of the patient starting bleeding from the mouth and nose increase. If this happens, then the risk of death of the patient also increases. Live SDP is mounted to cover such situations. Apart from this, separate treatment is given.
If we look at the dengue situation in Rajasthan, 532 dengue patients have been detected in the entire state in 13 days of this month. If we look at the district-wise situation, so far this season, the maximum number of dengue cases have been found in Jaipur. Out of the total 1868 cases in the state, 568 patients are from Jaipur. At the same time, the second number is from Dausa where there are 126 patients. Apart from Jaipur, and Dausa, more than 100 cases of dengue have also been found in Alwar, Pratapgarh and Udaipur districts.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer