Booker Prize for the first time for a Bulgarian novel: Georgi Gospodinov's 'Time Shelter'

Booker Prize for the first time for a Bulgarian novel: Georgi Gospodinov's 'Time Shelter', a story on memories of the past

May 25, 2023 - 08:41
Booker Prize for the first time for a Bulgarian novel: Georgi Gospodinov's 'Time Shelter'

Writer Georgi Gospodinov has won the prestigious Booker Prize this year. This award has been given for his novel 'Time Shelter'. For the first time, a Bulgarian novel has received this award. It was translated into English by Angela Rodel.
The Booker Award was given to author Georgie on Wednesday in London. He has also received prize money of 50 thousand pounds, which he will share with Angela Rodale.
Time Shelter is the story of a clinic called "Clinic for the Past". Here people suffering from Alzheimer's are helped. The past is brought back to life. On each floor of this clinic, a decade is shown to the patient in minutes. is brought back to life in front of him. So that the patient can go back in time to see what remains of his fading memories. Soon many people start coming to this clinic, troubled by their everyday lives. When the present If the interference of the past increases in me, then a problem arises.
Gospodinov wrote this novel at the time of the election of Donald Trump as President and the referendum on Brexit in Britain. He said that it was a time when the world was in turmoil and in such a situation I wanted to write something about the past.
French-Moroccan Leila Slimani, chairwoman of the Booker Prize's judging panel, said - the memories of the past have been threaded in the best way in the story. There are many heart-touching stories in it. 'Time Shelter' explores how memories maintain and preserve a person's identity.
The Booker Prize race also included 'The Gospel According to the New World' written in French by author Maries Conde. It was translated by Richard Philcox. Also 'Boulder' by Eva Baltasar was shortlisted. It was translated from Catalan to English by Julia Sanchez. The race also included the novel 'Standing Heavy' by GauZ, 'Still Born' by Guadalupe Netel, 'The Whale' by Cheon Myeong-kwan.
The Booker Prize of 2022 was won by India's writer Gitanjali Shree. The award was given for his novel Tomb of Sand. Gitanjali Shree's novel was published in Hindi as 'Ret Samadhi'. Tomb of Sand was the first Hindi-language book to win the Booker. It was also the first book in any Indian language to win the award.
The full name of the Booker Prize is the Man Booker Prize for Fiction. It was established in 1969 by the Booker McConnell Company of England. In this, the winner is given an amount of 60 thousand pounds. This title is given every year to one book published in Britain or Ireland or translated into English. The first Booker Prize was awarded to Albanian novelist Ismail Kadre.

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