Neha Marda's little daughter was discharged from the hospital

Neha Marda's little daughter was discharged from the hospital: Due to premature delivery, she was admitted to NICU for 19 days, the actress expressed her happiness by sharing the blog

Apr 29, 2023 - 10:03
Neha Marda's little daughter was discharged from the hospital

Balika Vadhu actress Neha Marda gave birth to a daughter on 10 April. Due to complications in the last phase of pregnancy, the actress had a pre-mature delivery. This was the reason that her daughter remained in NICU, however, she has now been discharged after 19 days.
Neha shared a video on her YouTube channel on April 28, in which she was seen bringing her daughter back home from the hospital. The actress made a complete vlog of that day and expressed happiness over her baby girl's recovery.
At the beginning of the video, Neha talks about her daily routine. Neha tells that she has to do breastfeeding, so she has to keep healthy in her diet every day. During this, Neha tells that she is very excited to bring her little angel back home.
In the video, Neha talks about her servant Jappa, who takes care of and massages her. Neha says Jappa does everything except take care of the baby and feed.
Further in the video, Neha shows her husband and baby's maternal grandparents in the camera. Everyone seems very excited to bring the baby girl home.
Neha's mother says in the video that she is very excited at this time because, after a long time, the baby is going to come to her house. She says that she has no words to express her happiness. Neha's father also expresses his happiness in bringing the girl home with them.
Neha decorates the house with white and golden balloons to welcome her daughter. At the same time, her bed and things related to baby care are arranged quickly. After getting well dressed, Neha leaves for the hospital to pick up the baby girl.
Neha completes all the formalities after reaching the hospital. Taking the baby girl in her arms, Neha says- 'I have my Guggi. I am very excited. I don't know how to react. I had waited years for this moment. After all this little life is in my hands. I didn't know the value of milk before, but now I don't spare a single drop of milk because it will be useful for my daughter. I am blessed that God has given me this opportunity to breastfeed him. I feel very lucky.
Neha brings the baby girl home. Where very beautiful decoration is seen. First, the baby girl is welcomed, then Neha takes her to the temple of the house and seeks the blessings of God. During this, Neha's house is seen full of balloons, while the girl's room is painted pink. Neha tells in the video that she will also get a photo session done with the child.

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