Indigenous Aircraft Carrier Vikrant will join the Navy on September 2

IAC Vikrant will join the Navy on September 2: MH-60R and MIG will be deployed on the country-made aircraft carrier, PM Modi will hand over to the Navy

Aug 22, 2022 - 19:55
Indigenous Aircraft Carrier Vikrant will join the Navy on September 2

The country's first indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC) Vikrant is ready for commissioning in the Navy. PM Narendra Modi will officially hand over this ship to the Indian Navy on 2 September. It is the largest warship built in the country. Its cost is about 20 thousand crore rupees.

With the arrival of Vikrant, India has become one of the few countries that have the capability to design and build their own aircraft carriers. Vikrant weighs 40,000 tonnes. 30 fighter jets have been deployed on it. These include MiG-29K, Kamov-31 and MH-60R helicopters.

It has more than 2,300 compartments, which are designed to accommodate about 1700 people. It also includes special cabins for women officers. The top speed of Vikrant is 28 knots. It can cover a distance of 7500 nautical miles in one go.
Vikrant is 262 meters tall. Its width is 62 meters and its height is 59 meters. Its construction started in 2009. The flight deck of IAC is equal to two football fields.

The ship has been designed by the Indian Navy's in-house Directorate of Naval Design (DND). It is manufactured by Cochin Shipyard Limited. The carrier is named after India's first aircraft carrier INS Vikrant, which played a key role in the Indo-Pak war of 1971. INS Vikrant is now retired. India currently has only one aircraft carrier 'INS Vikramaditya'.

Due to China's increasing efforts to increase military presence in the Indian Ocean, Vikrant is very important for India's strategic interests. After its arrival, India's maritime power will increase further. The indigenous manufacturing of this aircraft carrier is a shining example of the country's quest for 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' and 'Make in India Initiative'.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer