Gehlot said - did not imagine that democracy would see an end

Gehlot said - did not imagine that democracy would see an end: Said - people will also have to stand against the government now

Aug 5, 2022 - 15:48
Gehlot said - did not imagine that democracy would see an end

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has said that we had never imagined that a time would come when people would have to see the end of democracy. As the Constitution is being flouted. Can't imagine it. Inflation, unemployment, GST whatever is happening in the country. There is no one to listen to him. Democracy is ending. Now the time has come that the public will also have to come forward. Gehlot was interacting with the media along with Rahul Gandhi at the Delhi Congress headquarters.

Gehlot said that when the assembly session is going on, no such meeting can be held in the districts in which the MLA has to participate. This is the first time that Parliament is in session. In between, Mallikarjun Kharge and Sonia Gandhi are being called for questioning. That's why I said that there is ED terror in the country. ED, Income Tax, and CBI are being misused. Till today we had heard that CBI raids the police. We saw for the first time that the CBI was being raided by the police at night. Whatever is happening in the country. It's going to be a dangerous game.

Gehlot said- Democracy is ending. Now people also have to come forward. Congress is doing agitation, other opposition parties are also doing it. Support whoever suits you. NGOs and social workers will also have to stand against the government. People are realizing how heavy is inflation. Unemployment has created a ruckus among the youth. New exploits of GST are happening. National Herald newspaper can be attacked and it can happen to anyone.
Gehlot said- I want to remind you what the ideologue Martin Niemoller had said about Hitler's dictatorship in Germany. During Hitler's dictatorship, when the opposition parties, minorities, social workers, and journalists started targeting them, the people there remained silent. People kept thinking that there is a political fight. When Germany was ruined by Hitler's dictatorship in 1945, the people there had to repent. If the voice for democracy was raised in time, the country would not have been ruined. Similarly, if we remain silent today, history will not forgive us.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer