Driver was dragged 731 meters in Britain, and died

The driver was dragged 731 meters in Britain, and died: The thief was going after stealing the van when he tried to stop, he rammed the car

Apr 18, 2023 - 09:48
Driver was dragged 731 meters in Britain, and died

In Wales, UK, a delivery driver came under his own van and dragged for 731 meters. This incident happened on 28 March. He died on 16 April. The police have now given information about this. Police said- The driver was saving his car from being stolen, and that's why this accident happened.
Police said a man was driving 54-year-old Mark Lang's car. To stop him, Lang came in front of the vehicle and the thief hit him, after which he fell down. The thief did not stop and started driving the car at high speed. During this, Lang, who fell on the ground, got trapped under the car and kept on dragging.
Police said- Mark Lang was delivering parcels at the time of the accident. Many parcels were kept in his van. He was taken to the hospital after the accident. Doctors told that he had suffered a serious head injury. There were many wounds on his body as well. Lang was treated for 18 days, but his condition did not improve and he died on 16 April.
Police said Christopher Elghifari, 31, tried to steal Lang's car. Police said- Christopher had hit Mark after stealing the van. He was arrested immediately after the accident. After questioning, he was produced in the court on 3 April. He has been charged with murder. Police did not provide much information related to Christopher Elgifari.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer