31 people died while picking mushrooms in Syria

31 people died while picking mushrooms in Syria: ISIS accused of murder, human rights organization claims – 2 were also kidnapped

Apr 18, 2023 - 10:47
31 people died while picking mushrooms in Syria

31 people who went to pick mushrooms in the desert area of Hama city of Syria died. The terrorist organization ISIS has been accused of his murder. Britain's human rights organization Syrian Observatory has given information about this incident. Syria's official news agency SANA has also confirmed this.
However, according to the agency, 26 people have been killed in the ISIS attack. The human rights organization has also told that in a separate case, the terrorist organization killed 4 sheep grazing people. There, 2 were kidnapped.
According to reports, 12 government fighters were also among those killed in the ISIS attack. While the remaining 20 were common citizens. The Syrian Observatory said the jihadists on motorcycles also attacked a group of shepherds with automatic rifles. They stole their sheep and also kidnapped two people.
The 12-year war has devastated Syria's economy. In such a situation, people are forced to run their homes with the help of mushrooms. Actually, the Syrian desert mushroom called truffle is in great demand in the world. It is also very valuable.
This is the reason why people often go to remote deserts to pick these, despite government restrictions. Where they become victims of ISIS attacks. According to the Human Rights Organization, 230 people have lost their lives since February for picking truffles. These include 15 people whose necks were beheaded by ISIS men in March.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer