Boys in the car dragged the girl for 4 KM: Bloody dead body lying on the road in Delhi

The boys in the car dragged the girl for 4 KM: Bloody dead body lying on the road in Delhi; Even the clothes were torn due to friction

Jan 1, 2023 - 19:40
Boys in the car dragged the girl for 4 KM: Bloody dead body lying on the road in Delhi

A heart-wrenching incident has come to light from the capital Delhi amid the New Year celebrations. In Delhi's Kanjhawala area, some youths riding a car hit a young woman. After the accident, the youth started running away with the car. The girl got trapped under the car and kept dragging on the road for about 4 km. Even his clothes were torn. The bleeding girl was lying on the road and died.
DCP Harendra Singh of Outer Delhi said that on the intervening night of Saturday-Sunday, at around 3 am, the police received information that a girl was lying naked on the roadside in the Kanjhawala area. When the police team reached the spot as soon as the news was received, the dead body of the girl was found lying there. Police have arrested 5 youths in the case. The car has also been seized.
According to a preliminary investigation, the 23-year-old girl used to work part-time at weddings and other events. She was returning from one such function on Saturday-Sunday night. She was going home by scooty. At the same time, the five accused youths were also on the same route in their car.
According to reports, the scooty met with an accident and the girl got trapped under the car. After this, the youth ran fast and the girl reached the Kanjhawala area from Sultanpur by dragging on the road for about 4 kilometres. She was lying in the middle of the road in agony. His clothes were also torn. He was dead by the time the police arrived.
The police have arrested all five accused. The car has also been taken into custody. A case of culpable homicide has been registered against the accused. Medical tests of the accused are being conducted to ascertain whether they were intoxicated. At present, the police have not got any CCTV related to the incident.
DCP Harendra Singh told that according to the accused, their car had met with an accident with the victim's scooty, after which they started running ahead. But they were completely unaware that the girl along with her scooty was trapped in their car and dragged for several kilometres on the road.
Delhi Women's Commission Chairperson Swati Maliwal has reacted on this matter. He said- A naked dead body of a girl was found in Delhi's Kanjhawala, it is being told that some boys in an inebriated state hit her scooty with a car and dragged her for several kilometres. This matter is very dangerous, I am issuing an attendance summons to Delhi Police. The whole truth should come out. Along with this, he has also raised questions on the preparations of Delhi Police regarding the New Year.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer