6 more files were found in the private house of the US President

6 more files were found in the private house of the US President: 13 hours of search, had said earlier – do not regret keeping secret files

Jan 22, 2023 - 13:21
6 more files were found in the private house of the US President

On Friday, January 20, 6 more intelligence files were found at US President Joe Biden's home in Delaware. US Justice Department officials seized these files after nearly 13 hours of investigation. According to reports, Biden or his wife were not at home when Biden's house was being searched.
Some of these files are from the time when Biden used to be a senator. And some are from when he was the Vice-President 8 years ago. On January 19, a day before the research, Biden had said that he had no regrets about getting the files. His statement was strongly criticized by the Republican Party, some people called it a stupid statement.
Biden's house was searched from 9.45 am to 10.30 pm. At this time the legal team of both sides and an official of the White House were also present. According to reports, the entire house from Biden's living room to the garage was searched during the search. In the search, apart from intelligence files, some handwritten notes and other items kept around it have also been recovered.
Lawyer Bob Boyer said that Biden himself called Justice Department officials to search the house again. The Justice Department had appealed that this matter should not be made public until the investigation of the house is complete.
According to the Washington Post, the investigation at Biden's house again on Friday means that he wants to resolve the matter as soon as possible. At the same time, according to the BBC, the surprising thing about the files found from Biden's house on Friday is that when the same place was searched in early January, nothing was found there. In fact, in the month of November last year, 20 sets of intelligence files were found in Joe Biden's private home and private office. Those who were associated with his old tenure.
In the US, it is considered illegal to keep confidential documents in this way after the term is over. When old intelligence files were found from Biden, his house was searched again in January. After which White issued a statement saying that nothing was found there and the investigation was complete. The opposition continues to attack Biden on charges of illegally possessing intelligence files. In such a situation, getting notes along with files can increase their problems further.
US President Joe Biden broke his silence on the entire issue on Friday, a day before his home was searched again in the case of intelligence files. He had said that nothing objectionable would be found in the files.
Biden also said in his clarification – as soon as we came to know that some files were in the wrong place, we handed them over to the Archives Section and the Justice Department.
Biden has said that he does not know what is in these files. However, according to CNN and the New York Times, the first set of 10 files contained some intelligence related to Ukraine, Iran and Britain. These files are from the time when Biden was the Vice President of America. CNN has even claimed that these files also include information about the death of Biden's son Beau Biden in 2015.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer