You can also get a great refund, just do this small work while filing ITR

Income Tax Return Filing: The date for filing ITR is getting closer. All of you have to file ITR by 31 July 2023. If you want to get a handsome refund, then you should take care of many things while filing ITR. If you fail to complete this task, you will not get any refund.

Jul 13, 2023 - 20:30
You can also get a great refund, just do this small work while filing ITR

The last date for filing ITR has been fixed as 31 July 2023. You should file ITR before this. If your salary is high and the Income Tax Department deducts more amount from you then you can apply for a tax refund. For this, you will have to give information about your investments, liabilities, and sources of income. After this, you will know how much tax you have paid.
If you take care of some things while filing the return, then you can get more refunds. In this article, you have been told what things you should keep in mind while filing ITR, after which you will get more refunds.
First of all, you should keep in mind that you should file ITR before the deadline set by the government. This year you have to file ITR before 31 July 2023. If you file ITR after the deadline then you will have to pay the penalty.
You should choose the right tax regime whenever you file your tax return. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced a new tax regime in this year's budget.
Your return gets verified after 30 days from the day you file ITR. If your return is not verified then it will be considered invalid. That's why you should always keep in mind that your return gets verified.
If you want to get the maximum refund, then you should keep in mind how much tax benefit you have got on whatever savings schemes you have invested in. You get the benefit of the National Pension Scheme, Public Provident Fund, Life Insurance-Medical Insurance premium, National Savings Certificate, and tax benefits on home loan interest. In this, you can take advantage of tax deductions. You must check how much tax you can deduct while filing ITR.
You must get your bank account verified. If you get the account verified then you will not face any problem in getting the refund. You should take special care that you have filed ITR from the right portal.

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