Wife, daughter beheaded, reached in-laws house with wife's head

The wife's body was found in a house in Madhepura; The severed head of the daughter was kept there on the table.

Aug 6, 2022 - 11:30
Wife, daughter beheaded, reached in-laws house with wife's head
Crowd gathered at the spot.

A husband killed his wife and daughter by beheading in Madhepura. Not only this, the accused reached his in-laws' house with his wife's severed head and fled on a culvert 200 meters away from the house. A slip was also kept under the severed head. The body of the wife and daughter was lying in the house of the accused in Madhepura, while the severed head of the daughter was kept on the table. It is said that the accused husband has committed the crime on suspicion of having an illicit relationship with his wife.
On Saturday morning, the severed head of the accused woman reached from her house (Pokharia village in Srinagar police station area) to her maternal uncle (Godhaila village of Sadar police station area). 200 meters before the woman's maternal home, she escaped with her severed head on a culvert. When the people who came out on the morning walk saw the head, there was a sensation in the area. Here, as soon as the information was received, the police reached the spot and were stunned when the woman reached her in-laws' house with the severed head. There the body of the daughter was also found.
After killing the wife and daughter, the husband escaped after catching the train. In the identification of the dead Jibrahil had a wife Ruksana (30) and his daughter Jiya (4). A letter stained with blood was found on the spot. There are some objectionable things written in it. It is written with this wonderful, tremendous.
The family members say that Jibrahil and Ruksana were married 12 years ago. There were 3 children after marriage. Two sons studied at their uncle's place. There the innocent daughter lived in the house. After marriage, there were frequent disputes between husband and wife over petty matters.
Jibrail used to do sewing work in another state. This is how the house went. In between, he used to come home from time to time. When he came home last year, he did not go out. Locals say that Jibrahil used to suspect his wife of having an illicit affair. There was often controversy about this matter. It is feared that there may have been a dispute between the two on Friday night. After that, he brutally murdered his wife.
At the same time, the brother of the deceased Ruksana said that the reason why the Babylonian king was killed is not known. The father says that his son-in-law was a crook. He used to harass his daughter continuously. Because of this, the daughter did not want to live with her husband in the in-laws' house.
This was the reason that she had come to the maternal house 15 days ago, but when the husband came along with him to bid farewell along with many other people including the ward member of his village and assured that no incident would be done to his daughter, So we bid farewell.
The day after the farewell, we had also sent our younger son over there. At that time it seemed that everything was fine there, but this morning when the news of the murder of the daughter and granddaughter was received.
In the case, Madhepura SP Rajesh Kumar said that there is a dead body of a mother and daughter in a mutilated condition. It is suspected that the husband killed both of them in a domestic dispute. Raids are on in search of the accused. The bodies have been sent to the hospital for post-mortem. Some people are being questioned on the matter.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer