6 crore of red sandalwood was recovered in Bhiwandi

Under the onion bags were 450 pieces of premium red sandalwood, each weighing 25 kg. They were tightly wrapped in sacks.

Dec 28, 2022 - 14:39
6 crore of red sandalwood was recovered in Bhiwandi

Red sandalwood worth around Rs 6 crore has been recovered by the Waliv police. A suspicious container was stopped early on Monday at the checkpoint on Bhiwandi Common Road, according to the police, who received a tip. They searched it and discovered fine red sandalwood hiding under onion sacks.

The container has been seized, and two people have been detained. It is discovered during questioning that the wood originated in Hyderabad and was intended to be transported from Uran port to Dubai. 450 pieces of premium red sandalwood weighing 25 kg each (per piece) were carefully wrapped and stored in sacks next to the onion bags. According to the complainant, the smell of the onions significantly masks the fragrance of the sandalwood, which is why it was placed between the sacks.

"High-quality red sandalwood that is worth more than Rs 6 crore makes up the material that was seized. We administered the Panchnama with a forest officer's assistance. The registration of the FIR is in progress "Suhas Bavche, deputy commissioner of police, said. India is the only place where red sandalwood, also known as red sanders, is found.

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