12th student climbed a jaguar on a woman, death

The woman was waiting to cross the road in Kolkata, 2 cars also hit her

12th student climbed a jaguar on a woman, death
Jaguar hit a BMW car parked on the side of the road, in which the front and bonnet of the BMW were badly damaged.

A class 12 student driving a Jaguar in Kolkata crushed a 45-year-old woman. The woman covered in blood was taken to the hospital, where she died. Police said quoting eyewitnesses that the speeding Jaguar first hit two cars and then crushed the woman who was crossing the road.
The accused youth Suyash Parasrampuria has been arrested. Parasrampuria is 19 years old and got his driving license last year only. The incident happened on Sunday at 3:50 pm. The accused was driving father's car. A 22-year-old cousin was also sitting in the car with him, both of whom suffered minor injuries.

Police said the speeding Jaguar first rammed a cab (Swift DZire). Even after this, she did not stop and hit a BMW one by one. During this time no one was in the DZire and BMW. The BMW suffered significant damage in the collision and its bonnet got twisted.

The woman was standing near the BMW and waiting to cross the road. She got caught between the Jaguar and the BMW and was crushed. A police officer said that when we reached the spot, she was lying in a pool of blood on the roadside. The deceased woman has been identified as 45-year-old Shashti Das, a resident of Picnic Garden.

An eyewitness present during the incident said that the car was travelling at a speed of around 100 kmph. The collision was so fast that the BMW car went back 10 feet. The women used to work as domestic help in several houses in the Picnic Garden area. They have two daughters aged 17 and 20. She had lost her husband some time back.

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