Ukraine going bankrupt by funding private army

Ukraine going bankrupt by funding private army: Allegations of scam on soldiers of private army fighting with Russia, also made anti-national comments

Feb 3, 2023 - 15:01
Ukraine going bankrupt by funding private army

The American Wagner Group Mozart Group, sent to train and assist Ukrainian soldiers, has been accused of scandal and of making objectionable comments against Ukraine's leadership. In this regard, former US Marine and Mozart leader Andrew Milburn diverted the company's funds. At the same time, he also made derogatory remarks against the leaders of Ukraine. Milburn said he was intoxicated when he made the comments on Ukraine.
However, he dismissed most of the allegations regarding financial irregularities as baseless. He said that since March, Mozart's fighters have been fiercely fighting the Russian army in Ukraine. There he trained the army, prepared the citizens for war and stood on the front line with the Ukrainian army, but the leaders of Ukraine did not pay.
Mozart was left dependent on a small pool of funding. Including a group of East Coast financiers and a Texas tycoon. Other people in Mozart also told that all the fighters are on the target of Russia. Mozart has to be run like a business, but we didn't.
Hundreds, if not thousands, of foreign veterans and volunteers have passed through Ukraine. Many of them have also been drug addicts. Rescued citizens and raised over Rs 9 crore, but then ran out of money and not enough funds were given.
Mozart had stopped receiving funds since September. Then the Allied Extract charity group decided to rescue civilians at little cost. By November, Mozart was so short of cash that one day's salary could not come out. It became difficult to meet the expenses.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer