Taliban reprimands Pakistan, considering India helpful

Taliban reprimands Pakistan, considering India helpful: Taliban urges India to invest in the urban development of Afghanistan

Dec 5, 2022 - 09:49
Taliban reprimands Pakistan, considering India helpful

The world has not recognized the Taliban regime that seized power in Afghanistan about 16 months ago. His financial condition is worse. He wants India's help in overcoming this. For this reason, the Taliban regime has requested investment from India. Its leaders have urged India to invest in infrastructure projects like roads in landlocked Afghanistan.
The private sector should also be included in this scope. Investment in such projects will generate employment and give a boost to the local economy. The Taliban leaders made this request during a recent meeting with the head of the Indian technical mission. In this, the Taliban regime asked Indian businessmen to play their part in urban and housing projects, especially in the New Kabul City project.
On the other hand, Pakistan is getting battered under Taliban rule. He hoped that he would rule from behind the scenes under the Taliban regime. That's why openly helped the Taliban. Since then till today the situation has worsened for him.
News channel Tolo News claims that India can restart 20 stalled projects in Afghanistan. The Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MUDH) said the Indian charge-sheeter Bharat Kumar showed India's interest in improving ties and restarting Delhi's projects in Afghanistan.
Kumar made the remarks in a meeting with Urban Development and Housing Minister Hamdullah Nomani. After the Taliban took over the reins of power in August 2021, India had to close all its projects. Before the Taliban occupation, India invested about 25 thousand crore rupees in Afghanistan in two decades. Under this, more than 400 projects were started in 34 provinces of Afghanistan. They are currently closed.
On the Afghan border where there is tension and firing between Pakistan and the Taliban. The Taliban has refused to accept the Durand Line separating Pakistan. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) terrorists have intensified attacks on Pakistan under Taliban rule. There has been an attempt to kill the Pakistani ambassador in the capital Kabul.
In the recent past, India has rapidly strengthened its hold on the Taliban government. After India's green signal, now Japan is also going to open an embassy in Afghanistan. According to an English newspaper report, when Japan thought of opening the embassy again this year, it consulted India, so that accurate information about the ground situation could be obtained.
The Taliban is in talks with China to restart the ancient Silk Road trade routes to help the economy. According to the report, Taliban's Industries and Commerce Minister Nooruddin Aziji have asked China to step up efforts in this regard.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer