Stone pelting was done if money was not given for drugs

Stone pelting was done if money was not given for drugs: The entire incident of stone pelting was captured on CCTV, had arrived with two cars and 6 bikes.

Oct 16, 2022 - 18:50
Stone pelting was done if money was not given for drugs

In the Khoh Nagorian police station area, miscreants pelted stones at a house for not giving money for drugs. In this regard, Farooq Qureshi, a resident of Karim Nagar Extension Khoh Nagorian has lodged a named FIR. Farooq Qureshi told that his 19-year-old boy goes to study at Aman Qureshi College. Every day Aslam Tuti, Wasim, and Rafiq ask him to get money for drugs from his pocket money. When Aman refused to give him money, the miscreants also quarrelled with him several times.
This miscreant also reached the gym of Farooq Qureshi's younger brother lawyer Qureshi at 6 pm yesterday. The miscreants asked lawyer Qureshi for money to run the gym and went there threatening that if he wants to run the gym, he will have to pay. All these miscreants came to Farooq Qureshi's house at around 11 pm in two cars and half a dozen bikes. The miscreants reached Farooq Qureshi's house and pelted stones there.
Farooq Qureshi told that firing has also been done by these miscreants at his house. After the stone pelting, the police were informed, after which the police station reached the spot and went to search for the miscreants. But till now the police have not caught the miscreants. Qureshi told in the complaint that Aslam Tuti, Wasim, and Rafiq Khan forcibly harass the people of the area for drugs. There they have been committing hooliganism for a long time. When the money was not paid, the miscreants pelted stones at the house at night. In this case, the Khoh Nagorian police station has registered a named FIR on the report of Farooq Qureshi. At the same time, the police say that the miscreants are absconding since the incident, and efforts are being made to arrest them.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer