Psycho-thriller Mintoo web series directed by director Lom Harsh ready for release

Nov 2, 2022 - 14:04
Psycho-thriller Mintoo web series directed by director Lom Harsh ready for release
Psycho-thriller Minto web series directed by director Lom Harsh ready for release

"Yeh Hai India" fame Bollywood director Lom Harsh's new web series "Mintooo" is ready. There are five episodes in this first season of Mintoo web series, these five episodes are made on different themes. Mintoo is a 100-minute best psycho-thriller web series which is a powerful slap for the narrow-minded towards women in the society.

The main acting in this web series is done by Bollywood actress Rashmi Mishra. Rashmi Mishra has previously acted in films like "Majaz-e-Ishq" and "Naughty Gang". Rashmi Mishra is now debuting in a web series with "Mintoo". In this, along with Rashmi Mishra, Harshit Mathur, Shivam Gaur, Mansi Mehta, Sanjeev Joshi and many other artists will be seen.

Rashmi Mishra is playing the title character in the web series. Rashmi Mishra told that 'Mintoo's character was very difficult, because usually the theme of every story or web series is the same, but the theme of every episode of Mintoo is different, which makes the challenge of an actor even more difficult. Yes, you can expect something similar from director Lomharsh. None of his projects are easy, from actor to technician. Perhaps that is why his every work gets praise and awards.
Director Lomharsh told that 'Nowadays is the era of web series and in this way if my first web series is coming, as a director then you would like something different in it, would you not? Mintoo is the story of a girl who wants to do something on her own, which is what every girl wants in today's society, but does this world encourage such girls, or kidnap them by becoming Ravana? Wants, this is all the warp woven in 5 episodes.

Lom Harsh is entering the world of web series with Mintoo. Prior to this, he has directed “Yeh Hai India” feature film, Chicken Biryani Short Films and motivational songs like Main Udna Chahti Ho, Chal Bandiya, Bebak Parinde. He has received the Best Director and Best Film awards in America for Yeh Hai India. His film Yeh Hai India has been honored at the Cannes Film Festival. Lom Harsha has been honored with the "Youth Ambassador of Peace" award by UPF and UN in Parliament House for his contribution to the world of cinema.

Mintoo has also prepared for release in many countries including India. The theme of Mintoo is on women empowerment and it will depict the struggle and fight of single girls.

Raaisha Upadhyay Journalist & Writer