Passengers kept waiting for the flight with tickets in hand, flight was not there

Ghost Flight: Passengers kept waiting for the flight with tickets in hand, it was not there

Nov 2, 2022 - 17:50
Passengers kept waiting for the flight with tickets in hand, flight was not there

Hyderabad's Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Monday 31 October... When passengers who had booked Go First flight tickets to Delhi tried to enter the airport, security did not give them entry. He was told the reason that there is no flight like the ticket in his hand. All these tickets were valid and had a PNR number, but the airline that issued those tickets had stopped operations a month ago.
According to the Times of India, these passengers have accused the airline of fraud and appealed to the DGCA to take strict action against the airline. Passengers also demanded action against the online ticket-issuing portal Happy Fare. The Guwahati-based portal issued these tickets in the last week of October, while the airline's service was suspended on October 1.
All the passengers were part of a group ticket consisting of 10 people. Many of them had paid double the price to buy tickets. When these passengers came to know about the flight being out of service, they made several calls and messages to Go First, to which no response was received.
A passenger travelling for a family emergency said that if no service was available, why did the airline allow the portal to sell tickets? Why was our PNR live on the airline's website? Neither party gave us any information. This passenger told that we made continuous calls on the number given on the ticket but no one responded.
When a call was made on the number given on the ticket, GoFlySmart owner Ankit Agarwal, a sub-agent of Go First picked up the call. They told that they take tickets from the airline and sell them to Happy Fare. He said that on October 26, the airline had sent him an e-mail, in which it was written that the Hyderabad to Delhi flight of October 31 has been changed due to operational reasons. But PNR had gone live on the Go First website, so we thought the flight would operate. There must have been some mistake.
Civil Engineer Ram Kumar, who booked the ticket on October 27, said that it has been more than 24 hours and even after making many complaints, no information has been given about a refund or compensation till now. The company should pay a heavy fine for causing such physical and mental stress to us. A search on social media about this airline revealed that many more passengers had lodged similar complaints from Hyderabad, Bangalore and many other cities.
Shanti Jain, the owner of the online ticket-issuing portal Happy Fares, said that we believe that the flight was suspended till October 29, but after that, the service was about to resume. The PNR is still showing on GoFirst's website, so we didn't know that the flight is not operational. However, he did not say anything about a refund and compensation.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer