Pakistan will seek help from India: Shahbaz government can import vegetables and grains

Pakistan will seek help from India: Shahbaz government can import vegetables and grains; Modi expressed grief over the situation due to floods

Aug 31, 2022 - 22:45
Pakistan will seek help from India: Shahbaz government can import vegetables and grains

So far 1140 people have died due to floods in Pakistan. Floods and landslides have caused huge destruction in three states of the country, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. The International Help Agency has now asked the Shahbaz Sharif government to import vegetables and other essential food items from India in this difficult time.
The special thing is that Pakistan's Finance Minister Miftah Ismail has also indicated that trade with India can be restored. On the other hand, the Government of India has not given any kind of reaction in this matter so far. Some media reports have said that the Indian government can definitely help Pakistan on humanitarian grounds. About 3 crores 30 lakh people have become homeless in PAK.
Pakistan's Finance Minister Miftah Ismail said that thousands of people died in the floods in Pakistan. Many people are pleading for help. All the crops in the country have been destroyed. The rates of food items have increased in Pakistan. Due to this, the suffering of lakhs of people affected by floods has increased. We are looking to import vegetables and other food items from India.
Ismail wrote on social media – More than one international agency has contacted the government. Said- They should be allowed to bring food items from India as well as the restrictions on the border should also be relaxed.
Pakistan has received 390 mm more rain this month. After 30 years it has rained so much in one month. Sindh province is the worst affected. The flash floods have destroyed homes, industries and crops. The army has tried to provide food to the families trapped in the floods by helicopter from the roofs and where there is drought.
The government said the flood had caused $10 billion in damage so far. Appealed to the world to help the people affected by the floods. People have come out of the village and come on the streets. People told that their houses were about to collapse. At present, they have camped on the road. There is no place to tie the animals. They want to go to safer places.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday expressed grief over this natural disaster in the neighbouring country. Modi said on social media on Monday – Floods have caused great devastation in Pakistan, I am sad to see the situation. My condolences to the families who have been affected by this. Hope the situation improves soon and normalcy will be restored.
Two weeks ago, Pakistan's Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif called a meeting of foreign diplomats. In this, Sharif appealed to these diplomats for help, giving information about the situation and damage caused by the floods. The countries of America and Europe have given some help to Pakistan, although it is not enough to improve the situation. China has only announced so far but has not sent any help.
India sent relief materials to Pakistan after the earthquake in 2005 and the floods in 2010. Since Modi came to power in 2014, relations between the two countries have not been normal. India had removed Articles 370 and 35A from Jammu and Kashmir. After this Pakistan stopped all kinds of trade with India. At present, only essential medicines are imported from India.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer