Lovlina was entangled in boxing politics

Lovlina was entangled in boxing politics: left the opening ceremony in the middle, and did not follow the coach's advice during the fight; Due to his insistence, the team lost the doctor

Aug 5, 2022 - 15:43
Lovlina was entangled in boxing politics

Tokyo Olympics bronze medalist Lovlina Borgohain was a contender for gold at the Commonwealth Games. The level of competition in the Commonwealth Games is much lower compared to the Olympics. Therefore, along with the fans, experts were also assuming that India is sure to get gold from Lovlina's punch, but on Wednesday the anti-climax comes to the fore. Lovlina loses in the quarterfinals itself. Leave the gold, could not even win the bronze.
At a glance, this may seem like a sad, but the normal incident involving the sport and the players. After all, there was a win-win in the game, which remains, but if we look at the developments of the last few days related to Lovlina, then the matter starts to look unusual. In this, aspects like the stubbornness of a star athlete, the ongoing regionalism in Indian boxing and the heavy mismanagement emerge.
People associated with the Boxing Federation are unable to digest this defeat of Lovlina. An official associated with the federation, on condition of anonymity, said that the way Lovlina has been posting on social media a few days before the start of the Commonwealth Games, it seems that someone else is driving her.
Before the start of the games, Lovlina had tweeted that she was being mentally harassed. He had alleged that he was not being allowed to train with his coach and that his coach was being kept away from him. Lovlina had said that her coach was not given entry into the Commonwealth Games Village.
Those who know both the Federation and Lovlina say that Lovlina has fallen into the regional politics of the Boxing Federation. It is believed that there is a tussle going on in the Boxing Federation between North India and North-East camp and Lovlina is being used in it.
A section of the federation says that Lovlina came under the illusion and accused her of mental harassment on social media.
After this allegation of Lovlina, the Boxing Federation of India also clarified. The Boxing Federation said that not only Lovlina's coach but several other support staff were also left outside the Games Village. The organizers of the Games had given a quota to only a few staff to come to the Games Village. That's why some staff stayed out.
After this allegation of Lovlina, there was political pressure from the North East. After this, the team doctor was thrown out to get Lovlina's coach Sandhya Gurung in the Games Village. Earlier it was planned that a support staff belonging to the North-East would be brought out in Sandhya, but after political interference from the North-East, the doctor was thrown out.
The head coach of the boxing team vacated his room in the Games Village, handed it over to Lovlina's coach and shifted himself to the hotel.
Despite the fulfillment of the demand of the favourite coach, Lovlina's anger did not end. She also left the opening ceremony in the middle. She along with another Indian boxer Muhammad Husamuddin left the Alexander Stadium early for the sports village. She said that she has to practice in the morning and that is why she wants to leave early. They could not find a taxi and both were stranded outside for hours.
Lovlina was defeated 3-2 by Rosie Assels of Wales in the quarter-finals. Lovlina had a strong start in this match. He also took the lead in the second round, but after that, his game changed.
The coaching staff also asked her to pay attention to the game and also gave suggestions according to the situation, but it is alleged that Lovlina ignored these suggestions and lost the match by showing a careless game. They started playing rough. For this, he was also warned by the referee.
The coaches also explained that they should focus on their game instead of the rough, but Lovlina did not listen to anyone. In such a situation, a judge who gave her full points in the first two rounds gave one point less in the last round and Lovlina and her along with India lost a medal.

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