Hyundai is preparing Hybrid Cars to challenge Maruti and Toyota, know when will it be introduced

South Korean automaker Hyundai offers many great vehicles in the Indian market. However, according to reports, the company is now preparing to launch Hybrid Cars. When can Hyundai introduce cars with hybrid technology? In which cars this technology can be given first. Let us know.

Apr 30, 2024 - 20:29
Hyundai is preparing Hybrid Cars to challenge Maruti and Toyota, know when will it be introduced

One of the top automakers in South Korea, Hyundai, is getting ready to introduce hybrid vehicles soon. We're going to tell you when Hyundai will be able to launch hybrid vehicles, which will pose a serious threat to Maruti and Toyota.

Hyundai has also begun preparing to launch hybrid vehicles in the Indian market. Media reports state that executive chairman Euisun Chung of the company informed Indian staff that hybrid cars will play a significant role in the company's portfolio in addition to electric vehicles.

The demand for cars with hybrid technology is increasing in India as well as in many countries around the world. Given this, Hyundai is also serious about bringing hybrid technology cars in its portfolio along with electric cars. This plan is different from the company's plan for electric cars.

During the last financial year 2023-24, the demand for vehicles with hybrid technology increased in India also. Around 85 to 90 thousand cars with this technology were sold across the country. That is two percent of total sales. Preparations are being made to bring some more cars this year.

Currently, vehicles with hybrid technology are sold in the Indian market by Maruti and Toyota. Both companies are preparing to bring many cars to their portfolio with hybrid technology this year. According to the information, Maruti Suzuki has set a target of selling 7.5 lakh units of cars with hybrid technology by 2031. In such a situation, if Hyundai brings cars with this technology, it will directly challenge Maruti and Toyota.

According to reports, the first hybrid car from Hyundai Motor Group can be introduced by the year 2026. According to sources, the company is focusing more on hybrid technology, and along with Hyundai, Kia is also preparing to launch a hybrid sports utility vehicle. According to the information, vehicles like Creta, Alcazar, Verna, and Tucson can be brought to India with hybrid technology by 2026-27. Before this, the company can introduce Creta as an electric SUV by 2025.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer