First abort mission of the Gaganyaan project will be launched in August: ISRO chief gave the details

The first abort mission of the Gaganyaan project will be launched in August: ISRO chief gave the details; If we succeed, we will create history

Jun 22, 2023 - 23:23
First abort mission of the Gaganyaan project will be launched in August: ISRO chief gave the details

The country's first manned space abort mission will be launched in August this year. S Somnath, head of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), gave this information. Talking to media persons on the sidelines of an event at the Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) here, he said the first of the three abort missions with the test rocket would be launched this year. Actually, Gaganyaan is a project of ISRO, it will have three missions.
Its first mission will be unmanned. In the second mission, a robot will be sent and in the last i.e. third mission, three astronauts will be sent to space.
The ISRO chief told that the second mission will be launched next year i.e. in 2024. If the mission is successful, history will be created. The central government had released a fund of Rs 10,000 crore for the Gaganyaan project. This mission was to be completed by 2022 but due to Corona, it got delayed. Under this mission, astronauts will be sent into space.
In this, ISRO's astronauts will travel in space 400 kilometers away from the Earth. If this mission of ours is successful, then India will create history by registering its name among the countries that have sent humans into space.
The spaceship built for the Gaganyaan project has been designed according to three astronauts. Equipped with modern capability, the weight of this ship will be around 3.7 tonnes. This spaceship will revolve around the space for seven days with all three passengers. The ISRO chief said, 'To accomplish this mission, we have made a new rocket which is ready at Sri Harikota. The assembly of the crew module and crew escape system is yet to take place.
According to ISRO chief Somnath, "By the beginning of next year, ISRO will launch an unmanned mission. Our aim is to bring it back safely from space. The biggest challenge of this project is the safety of the astronauts. For this, ISRO has prepared two plans. First Plan is a crew escape system, in which if there is any emergency in the rocket, this system will be activated immediately, while the second plan is related to the health management system.
In this mission of the Gaganyaan project, the menu of food for the astronauts traveling to space was also revealed in the past. ISRO chief S Somnath had told that during the first mission, the astronauts would get only pelletized food, which would have to be swallowed through a tube. In this campaign, ISRO will also take the help of those countries which have sent astronauts to space.
With the success of the Gaganyaan mission, India will become the fourth country to send humans into space from its soil. Earlier Russia, America, and China have done this. ISRO is preparing for Gaganyaan as well as Aditya L-1 and Chandrayaan 3.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer