Customer's request from SWIGGY- Muslim delivery boy did not send

Customer's request from SWIGGY- Muslim delivery boy did not send: Screenshot of request viral on social media; MP Karti Chidambaram also raised an objection

Sep 1, 2022 - 07:38
Customer's request from SWIGGY- Muslim delivery boy did not send

In Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, such a case of delivery through food-app Swiggy has come up, about which many questions have been raised. Here a customer has requested Swiggy with his order not to send food from the hands of a Muslim person. According to the customer, their order should be sent from a Hindu delivery only. A screenshot of this customer request is going viral. People are opposing it a lot on social media. People say that food has no religion.
Actually, this whole matter is on the afternoon of 29 August, when a customer ordered food from a shop 3 km away from his house in Mahadevapuri, Hyderabad. In the special instruction of this order, the customer wrote – Don't want a Muslim delivery person. Lok Sabha MP Karti Chidambaram has also raised objection in this matter.
The screenshot was posted on social media by Shaik Salauddin, the head of an organization of gig workers. He has requested Swiggy to take action against such customers who see religion in food items. He wrote- We (delivery workers) are here to deliver food to everyone, be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh. Tagging Swiggy, he wrote – Religion does not teach to keep enmity with each other. However, there has been no response from Swiggy on this.
At the same time, Lok Sabha MP Karti P. Chidambaram is also among those opposing. Tagging Swiggy, he tweeted – Platform companies cannot watch this sitting, because gig workers have to face such bigotry in the name of religion. What action will such companies take to protect the rights of gig workers?"
This is not the first time that such religious sentiments have been hurt in a food app like this. Earlier in 2019, a customer ordered food from Zomato, but when the delivery boy brought the food, the customer asked about his religion. When the delivery boy told that he was a Muslim, he refused to take food.
After this behaviour of the customer, Zomato refused to take all his orders. There was a lot of praise online for Zomato taking a stand. In response to the customer's request to change the rider, the company tweeted – Food has no religion, it is a religion.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer