Husband murdered his wife after a reconciliation in family court

A wife murdered after a reconciliation in family court: After one hour of counselling, the husband left the court and slit the wife's throat

Aug 14, 2022 - 19:27
Husband murdered his wife  after a reconciliation in family court

In Karnataka's Hassan district, a man murdered his wife by slitting her throat on the court premises itself. The incident took place in the family court, where both were called for counselling. Actually, Chaitra of Thattekere village was married to Shivakumar 7 years ago, but their relationship deteriorated. Due to this, he filed for divorce. The court had called the two for reconciliation on Saturday.
Minutes before the incident, the couple agreed to reunite to put an end to their differences and save their seven-year marriage. One-hour counselling took place at Holenarsipura Family Court in Hassan district. After this, when Chaitra came out, Shivakumar followed her to the washroom and slit her throat with a sharp weapon, leaving her bleeding profusely.
The accused had also attacked the child present with Chaitra, though the people present around saved him.
Chaitra was taken to the hospital in an injured condition where he was put on a ventilator. He died during treatment as he was bleeding profusely due to a deep wound in his throat. When Shivakumar tried to run away after carrying out the incident, the people present around caught him. A murder case has been filed against Shivakumar.
Hariram Shankar, a senior police officer from Hassan, said the incident took place on the court premises. We have taken him into custody and confiscated the weapon. Also, it is being investigated what happened after the counselling. How did he get the axe in the court, was it a pre-planned murder, the matter is being investigated from all these angles.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer