Congress-BJP united on the issue of corruption- Naveen Paliwal

Congress-BJP united on the issue of corruption- Naveen Paliwal: Said- Government should attach the property of corrupt officials, Yadav is just a small fish

May 21, 2023 - 21:32
Congress-BJP united on the issue of corruption- Naveen Paliwal

After the recovery of crores of rupees in cash and gold from the basement of Yojna Bhawan in Jaipur, the protest is increasing continuously. Aam Aadmi Party state president Naveen Paliwal has blamed the Congress government for this entire corruption. He said that all the government offices have become a den of loot. But the Chief Minister is sitting with his eyes closed.
Paliwal said that the Gehlot government has created new records in the last 4 years in the matter of corruption. ACB files cases against around 500 corrupt officers and employees every year. But no strict action was taken against the officers involved in corruption. This time also even though the ACB has arrested the accused Vedprakash Yadav. But this is not enough, because Yadav is just a small fish. While how many other people are involved in this whole episode? The strictest action should be taken against them after a fair investigation.
Paliwal said that since 2012, there is a strict law to attach property to take action against corrupt officials. But to date, no action has been taken on even one. At the same time, CM Ashok Gehlot is talking about more raids in Rajasthan than in Maharashtra in the matter of corruption. In such a situation, the CM should tell that since the Congress government has come into the state.
Since then the properties of so many corrupt officials have been attached. He said that corruption does not stop just by presenting challans and counting raids. If Rajasthan really wants to stop corruption. So Gehlot Ji should have the courage to use strict laws and strict rules.
He said that in Rajasthan, Section 18-A of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 has a provision to attach the property of corrupt officials and use them in the public interest. Not only this, in the second term of Ashok Gehlot in 2012, the Rajasthan Special Court Bill-2012 was also passed in compliance with the law.
A provision was also made in this law that cases of corruption would be decided by the court in one year. The attached property will be declared as state property and made available to government departments and offices. But to date, no action has been taken against a single corrupt person.
Paliwal said that even in the matter of corruption, BJP-Congress are in collusion. That's why BJP wants to limit such a big incident only to the rhetoric on social media. The people of the state gave opportunities to both BJP and Congress several times. But these parties have exploited the public.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer