Co-in charge Virendra Rathore said - Pilot is not a challenge, a matter of home

Co-in-charge Virendra Rathore said - Pilot is not a challenge, a matter of home: said - Pilot's image of an energetic leader in the whole country, Gehlot is an experienced leader, who will move forward with coordination

Apr 27, 2023 - 22:50
Co-in charge Virendra Rathore said - Pilot is not a challenge, a matter of home

On the issue of Sachin Pilot, National Secretary of Congress and co-in-charge of Rajasthan, Virendra Singh Rathore has said that this will not be a challenge, it is a matter of our home. It is a matter of organization. Where Ashok Gehlot ji has a huge exposure, he has experience in both government and organization. At the same time, the image of Sachin Pilot as a young and energetic leader is spread all over the country.
Rathore said – It is a good fortune for us that where experienced leaders are also with us and energetic leaders are also with us. We will all move forward in harmony. Rathore was talking to the media after reaching Jaipur for the first time today after becoming co-in charge.
Virendra Rathore said- The government is doing excellent work in Rajasthan. Congress will benefit from this. Every organization works for the attainment of power and wants to form the government according to the expectations of the people. The focus of our Congress organization will also be that the government should repeat. This has also happened for the first time that so many public welfare schemes are going on in Rajasthan. Rajasthan has the best schemes in the whole country. Congress party's government is running in Rajasthan, and it has been successful so far, because of that I think the old myth will be broken this time.
Rathore said- Our focus will be on making the achievements of the government reach every village through the organization. I got a chance to work in the organization from the time of Youth Congress, being in charge of the Youth Congress in Rajasthan, I have old contact with the workers here. There will be better coordination with everyone. Our emphasis will be on working in coordination by making the organization more active. In the election year, everyone's top priority is to win the election.
Rathore said that our government has given more than one scheme in Rajasthan. No other state has schemes like Rajasthan. We will go among the public regarding these plans. Congress organization will do this work on priority. Challenges are always there in politics but in Rajasthan, the atmosphere is good because of the schemes of the government. The schemes are reaching the public very well. The public is also aware of this. Our workers will now be put firmly in the field.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer