CJI Chandrachud said- Sub-ordinate's mentality should end

CJI Chandrachud said- Sub-ordinate's mentality should end: When the High Court judges have lunch-dinner, then the district judges stand, change this thinking

Nov 16, 2022 - 12:01
CJI Chandrachud said- Sub-ordinate's mentality should end

Supreme Court Chief Justice DY Chandrachud has taken a dig at the treatment meted out to district judges in the country. In a program of the Supreme Court Bar Association, the CJI said that the mindset of high court judges to consider district courts as sub-ordinates should be changed. This explains our colonial mindset.
There is a tradition in many places that when the High Court Judges are having lunch or dinner, the District Judges will stand. They also try to serve food to the High Court Judge. When I used to visit the District Courts, I used to insist that I would not eat till the District Judges were sitting together.
CJI Chandrachud said I think we have promoted the sub-ordinate culture. We call district courts the subordinate judiciary. I say that the District Judges should not be called Sub-ordinate Judges. Because they are not sub-ordinates. There is a need to change this thinking. He said that IAS officers do not do this.
Many times when the District Judges are called for meetings, they do not muster the courage to sit in front of the High Court Judges. When the Chief Justice passes through the districts, the judicial officers stand in queues at the boundaries of the districts. Such examples show our colonial mindset. All this has to change.
We have to change this thinking and move towards a Modern Judiciary, Equal Judiciary. This will not happen by improving the infrastructure of the district judiciary. Rather we have to change our mindset. We have to create a sense of self-respect in the District Judiciary.
The CJI said that on the other hand, the young IAS officer does not look down upon his senior. The conversation between the two takes place in a spirit of equality. The young officers speak with a sense of equality. This shows where India is heading. The youth are educated, bright, confident, aspirational and have a sense of self-respect.
The Judiciary is also witnessing a generational change, with more and more youth joining it. Earlier, whenever the trial judges of the older generation used to talk to him, he used to add yes Ji sir to every other sentence. Now more women are also joining the judiciary. If we have to change, then first of all the face of the District Judiciary has to be changed.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer