Tiger Nageswara Rao Review: Ravi Teja Shines Amidst a Flawed Film, Nupur Sanon's Role Lacks Depth

Ravi Teja starrer Tiger Nageswara Rao is high on action but takes a serious hit on content. It will leave you in torment.

Oct 21, 2023 - 14:23
Tiger Nageswara Rao Review: Ravi Teja Shines Amidst a Flawed Film, Nupur Sanon's Role Lacks Depth
Tiger Nageswara Rao Review: Ravi Teja Shines Amidst a Flawed Film, Nupur Sanon's Role Lacks Depth

Release Date

20 October 2023



Dubbed In

Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada


Action, Biography, Crime


3h 1min


Ravi Teja, Gayatri Bharadwaj, Nupur Sanon, Rajiv Kumar Aneja, Mandava Sai Kumar, Renu Desai, Praveen Dacharam




Vamsee, Srikanth Vissa




GV Prakash Kumar


Abhishek Agarwal


Abhishek Aggarwal Arts






Set in the 1970s in Stuartpuram, Andhra Pradesh, "Tiger Nageswara Rao" tells the story of a legendary outlaw named Nageswara Rao. Known for his fearlessness and ruthlessness, he becomes the most wanted thief in the city, indulging in thefts of money, food, and jewelry without a second thought. Surprisingly, he gains hero status in the village despite his criminal activities.

What Impressed:

In an attempt to find some redeeming aspects of "Tiger Nageswara Rao," the second half of the movie stands out. It offers a fresh perspective on Nageswara's character, transitioning him from a villain to a hero. The narrative also gains momentum in the latter part, keeping the audience engaged and curious about Nageswara's true identity.

What Didn't Work:

Portrayal of unethical scenes: The film stumbles when depicting cringe-inducing scenes, including violence towards a prostitute and the casual glorification of dowry. Additionally, some scenes display Nageswara making inappropriate advances towards Nupur, objectifying her as his property. This portrayal raises questions about the film's stance on gender equality and women's rights.

Screenplay: The film's timeline becomes convoluted, making it challenging to follow the story, especially given its lengthy runtime. The constant shifting between the past and present further complicates matters. The storyline feels dated, failing to introduce anything fresh or thought-provoking.

Climax: The climax of the film is exaggerated, overly extended, and lacks depth. The character endures multiple gunshot wounds without facing the consequences, stretching the limits of credibility.

Runtime: The film's three-hour duration feels excessive, with several scenes and songs that could have been trimmed down for a more concise narrative.

VFX: The visual effects in the film appear inconsistent and unconvincing, which detracts from the overall viewing experience.

Star Performances:

Ravi Teja shines as the charismatic Mass Maharaja, capturing the essence of his character with flair. His on-screen presence and swag are a delight to watch. Anupam Kher delivers a sincere performance in his limited role, while Nupur Sanon's character fails to offer depth, resulting in an underwhelming performance. Gayatri Bharadwaj, who appears in the second half as Nageswara's wife, makes the most of her brief role with a decent performance. Jisshu Sengupta successfully portrays a grey character with great skill, while Murali Sharma's performance takes a backseat in the first part of the film.


In conclusion, "Tiger Nageswara Rao" may offer thrilling action sequences but falls short in delivering a compelling narrative. Ravi Teja's undeniable charm and presence manage to outshine the film's imperfections. For ardent Ravi Teja fans, there are moments to savor, but for others, it may be a film that can be overlooked.