The Top 5 Books in India (2022)

The Top 5 Books in India (2022)

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Reading a book can transform your perspective, affect how you see information and reveal your interests. Our list of the top books to read in India offers all you need if you're looking for the coolest books ever written. This list of the finest books to read will be useful for you whether you're looking for a book to broaden your vocabulary, develop a reading habit, or want to learn to write and get over your concerns.


It is true that books are wonderful friends for everyone and have therapeutic properties. We have included some timeless classics and the newest titles to make this list your go-to one, whether you love to read or are just starting out. If you're as thrilled as the sun to see the list of the greatest books ever written, then buckle up and choose the one that most interests you.


List of the Top 5 Books to Read


If you're looking for the top 5 books to read, check out this list. We have made sure that our collection is varied to accommodate the preferences of many types, covering a range of genres, writing styles, and publishing timeframes.


1. Wish I Could Tell You 

Durjoy Datta, the best-known romance figure among young people in India, is the author of the romantic novel Wish I Could Tell You. The focus of the narrative is on Ananth and Anusha, who each face challenges in their own lives before coming to terms with one another.


Datta skillfully illustrates how love can alter someone despite the obstacles by displaying a range of emotions. The book perfectly blends many eras, with bits and pieces coming together in an intriguing way. While there are many romance novels in India, this one has passion at its core and goes much beyond the typical cliché romance.


Although the language is basic, the characters are powerful, the emotions are strong, and there are many surprising twists. This is a good book to read, especially if you're a beginner searching for a novel that combines mystery and love in a relaxed manner.


Type of Book (Genre): Romance Novel

Language: English

The age range for reading: 16 to 30.

Writer’s Name: Durjoy Datta

288-page print length


2. One Arranged Murder

One Arranged Murder is one of Chetan Bhagat's best books. Without even giving it a second thought, I read it because of the appealing title. The plot centres on Keshav and Saurabh, two amateur investigators who also happen to be best friends, as they struggle to solve a murder case.

As you come closer to the book's conclusion, the murder mystery impacts them personally, and the suspense grows. Because of the straightforward writing style, it is nearly impossible for readers to identify the culprit until the author decides to reveal them. The book is well-written and seamlessly blends humour, love, friendship, excitement, and bewilderment.


Type of Book (Genre): Crime Fiction, Thriller

Language: English

Reading Age: 18 and up

Writer’s Name: Chetan Bhagat

312-page print length


3. Ikigai: The Japanese Art of Living Long and Happy 

Ikigai is a delightful book that conveys the idea of "genuine existence" in a seductive manner. Ikigai is a term used in Japanese culture to describe having a purpose or direction in life. The book gently guides you along your personal self-care journey rather than forcing you from behind by fusing science-based studies in a pleasant and honest way.


In order to assist you in discovering your "purpose in life" through Japanese viewpoints on enjoying life and enduring, the book also explores a few additional Japanese themes. The organisation is cosy and welcoming for beginners, and the language is straightforward and simple to understand.


The book is an excellent choice if you want to avoid chasing materialistic things and stay focused on your life to achieve inner peace and happiness, even though it promotes dedicating time to your passion.


Type of Book (Genre): Self-Help

Language: English

Reading Age range: 16 to 35 years

Writer’s Name: Héctor García

208-page print length



4. Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day 


Even though it was only released, Jay Shetty's "Think Like a Monk" quickly became a bestseller. The timeless lessons that Jay Shetty gained from his years of meditation practise are condensed in this book into achievable daily actions that anybody may follow to lead a less stressful, more fulfilling existence.


If you wish to eliminate negativity from your life and reduce anxiety, Jay's book is the ideal option. The book offers valuable advice for choosing a balanced path to success with its warmth and clarity on the way to greater joy and purpose.


The information is current and useful for overcoming anxiety, despair, loneliness, addiction, unfavourable thinking, and relationship difficulties. You will feel motivated to meditate, alter your lifestyle, and think positively by the time this book is finished.



Type of Book (Genre): Self-Help

Language: English

Reading age: 18 and above

Writer’s Name: Jay Shetty

320-page print length


5. Wise and Otherwise: A Salute to Life

One of Sudha Murthy's best books is Wise and Otherwise. The book illustrates how one of the most difficult occupations in the world is to comprehend people and human nature. The book demonstrates how things that initially look right, good, or vice versa can actually be completely different when properly investigated. It has an intriguing title and substance.


The 51 stories in Sudha Murty's "Wise and Otherwise"—inspired by the author's extensive travels—will guide you on a voyage of reinventing your cognitive process. It is a motivational book that paints a genuine portrait of India, complete with its traditions, ideals, and flaws, one story at a time.

  • Type of Book (Genre): Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Reading Age: 18 and above
  • Writer’s Name: Sudha Murty
  • 232 pages print length

A Conclusion

The most beneficial obsession is reading, but becoming a good reader doesn't require binge reading. Consistency is the only thing that matters, even if you only read one page per day. We sincerely hope we were able to assist you in finding the best books to read at least once in your life. Which of these books are you prepared to add to your reading list in the near future? Whatever you decide, we have no doubt it will be the best.