Sherlyn-Rakhi's argument turned into a legal battle; Matter to court now, police complaint filed

Sherlyn-Rakhi's argument turned into a legal battle: Police complaints against each other, and now the matter will reach the court

Nov 7, 2022 - 21:25
Sherlyn-Rakhi's argument turned into a legal battle; Matter to court now, police complaint filed

The battle between Rakhi Sawant and Sherlyn Chopra is not taking its name to stop. Both are fiercely targeting each other. On November 7, when Rakhi complained to the police against Sherlyn, today Sherlyn also lodged a complaint against Rakhi with the police.
On November 6, Rakhi filed a defamation complaint against Sherlyn Chopra. Now taking a step forward, Sherlyn has also filed a complaint against Rakhi with the police. Not only this, Sherlyn has targeted Rakhi by tweeting a copy of her FIR. Which he has filed a complaint against Rakhi under section 499, section 500, section 509 and section 503 of IPC. Sherlyn has lodged this complaint at the Juhu police station. With this, the actress wrote that - gimmick Rakhi Sawant get ready to be arrested.
Taking a jibe at Rakhi, Sherlyn said- 'These tommies of the industry, we are targeting the unity of MeToo Victims. They are giving false statements that Sherlyn Chopra is a porn star and a prostitute. Rakhi Sawant who is talking derogatory and degrading things about me, what good is she doing herself? Organizes private events in hotels and robs them by making boyfriends, everyone knows how she works herself.
Sherlyn made serious allegations against Rakhi and said- 'Any molester on whom people file a case of MeToo, Rakhi becomes their sister. Rakhi stands up against all those victims. You all can see what Rakhi is doing. This fight is against exploitation. I don't have any fight with you, I am with your molester brothers. Go and ask what your brothers have done.'
Along with filing a complaint against Rakhi, Sherlyn has written a letter to the police officer and Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde. In Laker, Sherlyn has made severe allegations of molestation against director Sajid Khan. In such a situation, if the police do not take action in the coming days, this matter will go to court.
Rakhi Sawant filed a defamation case against Sherlyn by going to Oshiwara police station in Mumbai yesterday i.e. on 6th November. Not only this, Rakhi has lodged an FIR against Sherlyn for her objectionable comments. Rakhi alleges that she has much evidence against Sherlyn.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer