Yash broke his silence on rejecting the films of North

Yash broke his silence on rejecting the films of North: Said - Earlier people used to make fun of South's films

Nov 7, 2022 - 21:15
Yash broke his silence on rejecting the films of North

KGF fame Yash has talked about the success of South films in a recent interview. On rejecting Yash North's films, he said that earlier South films were ridiculed in the North. At the same time, he also said that SS Rajamouli changed everything through the film 'Bahubali' and since then South films started getting respect in the North as well.
Yash said in the 'India Today Conclave', '10 years ago, Hindi dubbed South films were very popular in the North. But initially, people here had different opinions about these films. People used to make fun of South films then. People used to say what is this action, everyone is flying. But gradually people started liking it. He began to understand this art form. The problem then was that our films were sold at low rates and their dubbing was done very poorly. They were also presented in a very bad manner and with funny names.
Yash further said, 'People started understanding our dubbed films. I would like to give credit for this to SS Rajamouli sir. We got that path from 'Bahubali'. 'KGF' was created with a different thought. It is not made to scare anyone but to inspire. People have now started paying attention to South films and I am very happy with it.
Talking about Rishabh Shetty's recent release 'Kantara', Yash said, 'This 'Kantara' is also my film. You said that this is not my film, but let me tell you that this is my film too. I look at my industry from a different perspective and it needs to change. There is no dearth of talent and confidence in people, but we have to pull ourselves out of it. People will talk about you and judge you too, but you have to work hard to break that perception of people. When I started my career, I also had to face negative things.
Yash further says, 'We are a small industry and there are many limitations in it. We cannot compete with other industries as they already have big budgets and big markets for films. Many people would also say that the Kannada industry will not be able to make it. So I just want to tell them that no industry is big or small.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer