Sangeeta Bijlani receives a kiss from Salman Khan on the head

A special welcome was given to actor-model Sangeeta Bijlani as she exited Salman Khan's birthday party.

Dec 28, 2022 - 15:00
Sangeeta Bijlani receives a kiss from Salman Khan on the head

Bollywood's top joint actor Salman Khan's birthday celebration at his sister Arpita Khan Sharma's home in Mumbai. The actor decided against keeping his customary birthday celebration at his Panvel farmhouse this year, but he nevertheless made sure to treat his close friends to a wonderful day. Sangeeta Bijlani, an actor and model, attended the birthday celebration as well and was given special treatment by Salman when she departed.

Salman is seen saying goodbye to Sangeeta in a party video that was posted on social media. In the video, he gave her an "I love you" kiss on the forehead before she got into her car. Shera, his security, was also ordered to open the car door for her, but he insisted on doing it himself. "Purana pyaar," a person wrote after a paparazzi uploaded the video on Instagram. Love how he is so devoted to and respectful of everyone in his life, a different user commented.

Sangeeta quoted “ to Times of India how she has maintained contact with the Tiger 3 star throughout the years. Connections are maintained. “Connections don’t break. Connections never go away. The love between your partners and school friends never goes away. People will come and go. Nobody will be permanent in life. That does not mean you feel bitter or angry. At one point, you evolve,” Sangeeta said.

Shah Rukh Khan, who showed up fashionably late, also attended Salman Khan's birthday party. 

As SRK walked away, the two stars gave each other hugs. 

Tabu, Kartik Aaryan, Suniel Shetty, Sonakshi Sinha, Riteish Deshmukh, and Pooja Hegde were among the other attendees at the party.

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