Punia said on the defeat in Sardarshahar – will learn a lesson from mistakes

Punia said on the defeat in Sardarshahar – will learn a lesson from mistakes: Said – every time power changes, it is anti-incumbency

Dec 8, 2022 - 22:22
Punia said on the defeat in Sardarshahar – will learn a lesson from mistakes

On BJP's defeat in Rajasthan's Sardarshahar assembly by-election, party state president Satish Poonia said - We will learn a lesson from mistakes. Poonia said – There is a public belief in Rajasthan that every time there is a change of power, the second is anti-incumbency. Third, we will work harder. Poonia said- The results in Sardarshahr did not come as per our expectation. The history of this seat has been something like this. BJP has won here only once. The workers worked hard in the elections. Leaders gave time. But one was sympathy and secondly, the elections after exactly 8 months were on the hearts and minds of the people there. So the result went against us. Still, I thank the people of Sardarshahar for their support and best wishes to the BJP.
Poonia said- I express my gratitude for the hard work of the workers. I think by winning this by-election, Congress may be in a good mood. But neither the issues of 2023 have changed, nor the direction has changed. They will also win this seat in 2023 and BJP will be in control in Rajasthan with a two-thirds majority. Because the issues are the same. It may be that the public has not voted on the issues in this election. But from crime, farmer loan waiver, unemployment and corruption to basic development, there will be big issues in the next elections and they will be the reason for the change of power.
Party candidate Ashok Kumar Pincha has suffered a crushing defeat in the Sardarshahar assembly by-election in Churu. Congress candidate Anil Sharma has won by a margin of 26 thousand 852 votes. Anil Kumar Sharma has got a total of 90915 votes till the 15th round, Ashok Kumar Pincha has got 64219 votes, and RLTP's Lalchand Moond has got 46628 votes. In terms of vote percentage, Congress got 43.54%, BJP 30.74%, RLTP 22.3%, CPIM 0.99%, NOTA 0.85% and others more than 1%.
Satish Poonia said- Gujarat's election is an auspicious sign for India. Because the way Modiji's politics and performance gave strength to the country's basic development and resolved ideological issues. Similarly, the people of Gujarat voted on the issue of peace, prosperity and security. This is the reason why Gujarat stands with nationalism today. The mandate of Gujarat will definitely give strength to BJP in Rajasthan in 2023. Will increase the confidence and morale of the workers. Will give energy and motivation to the supporters and well-wishers here. That's why thanks to the people of Gujarat. All those BJP workers who campaigned hard on 43 seats in Gujarat. My best wishes and thanks to all those workers and leaders. Definitely, this ritual will work more energy for BJP. Will open the way to Rajasthan in 2023 and will open the way to India in 2024.
BJP has won 156 out of 182 seats in Gujarat. The Congress was reduced to only 17 seats. Aam Aadmi Party has got 5 seats. Others have got 4 seats in their account.
BJP state president Satish Poonia and party leaders have kept silent on the party's defeat in Himachal Pradesh. In Himachal Pradesh, Congress has got 40 seats, BJP 25 and others 3 seats.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer