Opposition from MPs and MLAs of 15 countries, demand to stop business from Chinese subsidiaries

China collects DNA of one-third of Tibetans: MPs and legislators of 15 countries protest, demand to stop business with Chinese subsidiary companies

Dec 18, 2022 - 16:45
Opposition from MPs and MLAs of 15 countries, demand to stop business from Chinese subsidiaries

A group of MPs and legislators from 15 countries, including Australia, France and Britain, has demanded a shutdown of trade with some Chinese companies. These are the companies which are helping the Chinese government in collecting the DNA of minorities in Tibet, Uygar and many other areas. These companies include China's BGI Group and America's Thermo Fisher Company.
The MPs and MLAs involved in the 'Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China' have also demanded the government of their respective countries investigate these companies. These companies provide the technology needed to collect DNA to the Chinese government. With this, the Chinese government monitors the biometrics of minorities. Thermo Fisher used to provide DNA profiling kits to agencies in China.
According to a Human Rights Watch report, in June 2016, China began collecting the DNA of people in Tibet. So far the DNA of one-third of the people of Tibet has been collected. Due to this, people's right to privacy and human rights are being violated. These people are already facing strict surveillance and exploitation from China.
The 'Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China' (IPAC) is an international group consisting of parliamentarians-legislators of different parties from many democratic countries. The purpose of this group is to protect human rights in China. They wrote in their joint letter that we IPAC members express concern over the large-scale collection of DNA by the Chinese government. Through this, the Chinese government wants to increase the monitoring of minorities in Tibet and the Uygar region.
Several MPs have joined the joint letter, including Australian Senator Claire Chandler, Canadian MP Arif Virani, Irish Senator Michael McDowell, New Zealand MP Simon O'Connor and British MP James Bethell.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer