Minister Gudha's challenge to the high command in Pilot's meeting

Minister Gudha's challenge to the high command in Pilot's meeting: Said - If you have drunk mother's milk, then take action against Sachin; will miss the milk of Chhathi

Apr 17, 2023 - 21:56
Minister Gudha's challenge to the high command in Pilot's meeting

Minister of State for Sainik Welfare Rajendra Singh Gudha said that the Congress high command and the state in charge have been warned. The minister said- 'I want to challenge you if you have drunk mother's milk, then tell by taking disciplinary action against Sachin Pilot. Will remember the sixth milk.

Gudha was speaking at a meeting held after the unveiling of the martyr's statue at Khetri in Jhunjhunu on Monday. Former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot was also present in the meeting.

Gudha said people tell me that the Chief Minister will send you to jail. The time has come to renew the license of the jail. 36 communities of Rajasthan and youth of all castes are standing with the pilot. Ready to die. The day it is needed

Pilot's supporter MLA Ved Prakash Solanki said that if the face of the pilot is not put forward then it is difficult to form the government. The leaders who have brought us here. We will not allow his martyrdom. This was the strength of the pilot. It was the face of the pilot. Because of this, the Congress government came. In the coming times also, only if the face of Pilot remains, then the Congress government will repeat.

If even a little bit of despair is seen in this face, then I think the government will not come. What Minister Gudha said should be correct. We do not want that what Gudha said should be correct. The workers want to bring the Congress government. Congress workers want This government came on its face, it is very important to brighten that face.

Solanki said that even today the heroine of the martyr is yearning for a job. Minister Rajendra Gudha rightly says that ministers do not have power. Ministers should be given power. The power of the ministers is still not in hand. Gudha says again and again. The people of Shekhawati make maximum sacrifices in the army. If the government rejects their proposal, then we have to fight with those people as well. We should respect those who are martyrs of the country.

Solanki said that the announcement made by the government should be fulfilled. Where the government announces, where it talks about giving jobs. It is not fulfilled. Our Jhunjhunu martyr's heroine is not getting a job. Minister Rajendra Gudha is sitting, getting approval from the government. Today four Dalit ministers are in the cabinet because of Sachin Pilot. Because of your voice Pilot, four Dalits have become cabinet ministers for the first time.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer