Man approaches Gujarat High Court seeking custody of married girlfriend

Man approaches Gujarat High Court seeking custody of married girlfriend: Appeals on the basis of live-in relationship agreement, the court imposes a fine of Rs 5000

Mar 17, 2023 - 20:18
Man approaches Gujarat High Court seeking custody of married girlfriend

In the Gujarat High Court, a man appealed to get custody of his married girlfriend. On this, the High Court imposed a fine of Rs 5000 on the person. The youth was demanding this custody on the basis of the agreement made regarding the live-in relationship. The matter is of Banaskantha district.
In fact, the lover had demanded in the High Court that the girlfriend be freed from her husband and handed over to her custody. He said in the petition that he was in a relationship with the woman. The woman was married to another person against her will, but she was not unhappy with him. After marriage, she did not stay with her husband and was living in a live-in with me. Shortly thereafter, the woman's family and in-laws forcibly took her with them and left her back with her husband.
The woman has been kept in her in-law's house without her consent, where her husband has illegally confined her. The man has also claimed that the woman has also signed the live-in agreement. During this, the double bench of the High Court heard the matter and after hearing such arguments, gave the decision to pay a fine of Rs.5000.
The state government has also opposed the petition. Arguing that the person has no locus standing to file such a petition. If a woman is in possession of her husband, it cannot be said that she is in possession of him illegally.
At the same time, after hearing the case, the bench of Justice VM Pancholi and Justice HM Prachhak said that the woman has not been married to the petitioner nor has she been divorced from her husband till now. Also said that on the basis of the live-in agreement, the petitioner has no right to appeal.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer