Harish Chaudhary said – CM is responsible for deferring OBC issue

Harish Chaudhary said – CM is responsible for deferring OBC issue: Said – I have questioned the Chief Minister, there is no role of bureaucracy in this

Nov 11, 2022 - 23:54
Harish Chaudhary said – CM is responsible for deferring OBC issue

Former minister and Congress MLA Harish Chaudhary have targeted CM Ashok Gehlot for not accepting the agenda of removing the discrepancy related to OBC reservation in the cabinet. Harish Chaudhary said- It is very unfortunate that the agenda of removing the discrepancy of OBC reservation has been deferred. Till today I do not understand why the Chief Minister deferred it. Only CM is responsible for this agenda being deferred. I have questioned the Chief Minister, there is no role of bureaucracy in this. Harish Chaudhary was interacting with the media in Jaipur.
Harish Chaudhary said- The Chief Minister was in Himachal Pradesh on the 8th. I met him in the middle of the night. The Chief Minister had assured me to call a cabinet meeting soon and resolve the discrepancy in the OBC reservation. The Chief Minister had earlier given administrative approval to the issue. It was the moral responsibility of the CM to get this issue approved by the cabinet. The day after I spoke to him in Himachal, the Chief Minister called a cabinet meeting, but the agenda for which the meeting was called was deferred. The agenda for which the cabinet was kept was deferred.
Harish Chaudhary said- I was very sad when the agenda of OBC reservation was deferred and I expressed my sentiments by tweeting. Still don't understand why CM deferred it. Either the cabinet or the CM has the right to define the agenda. If a minister disagrees, he can put a maximum number of descent notes. After the in-principle approval of the Chief Minister, it is unfortunate that the rules were deferred in the cabinet meeting, despite the approval from the Legal, RPSC and Personnel Departments. In many states including the Centre, Uttarakhand, Punjab, and Madhya Pradesh, rules have been made for this on the same lines.
Harish Chaudhary said- On April 17, 2018, the previous government issued a notification regarding ex-servicemen and added a bye-law, which has affected the reservation of all classes. Not a single post of ex-servicemen will be reduced by the new rule. Unfortunately, today we have to tell the policymakers back the rules regarding OBC anomaly. Our demand has never been called unreasonable at any level. We do not have any dispute with anyone, I will make a personal demand to all the senior leaders including all the former PCC presidents, and cabinet ministers along with the Sangharsh Samiti to come forward and help the youth get justice.
Harish Chaudhary said- I am with the OBC colleagues, no matter how much I suffer. Ex-servicemen should have horizontal reservations along the lines of women's reservations. We do not have a conflict with anyone, failing this, we will take the movement on the streets among the people. Will not back down from a legitimate demand. Thousands of students are being messed with due to discrepancies. I am in politics since 1989, this issue is not of credit. Take any credit, give me the credit.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer