Elections will not employ AI; be informed of the new regulations

Politicians and their campaigns will not be able to utilise OpenAI's AI tools in the 2024 elections, the business has declared.

Jan 17, 2024 - 09:55
Elections will not employ AI; be informed of the new regulations
Elections will not employ AI; be informed of the new regulations

The American Artificial Intelligence Research Organisation OpenAI declared that it will not permit the use of AI in political campaigns before to the general elections in India. According to OpenAI, this will include capabilities to thwart deepfake images, videos, and news. Fair elections ought to be held under all conditions.

In a blog post, OpenAI said it has made several policy changes to prevent the use of AI-based technologies like ChatGPT and Dull-E AI from undermining the democratic process during upcoming elections. We are preparing for elections in 2024 in the world's largest democracy. Our approach is to maintain the security of our platform while providing accurate voting information, enforcing established policies, and improving transparency.

According to OpenAI, cooperation from all facets of the political process is necessary to safeguard election integrity. We want to make sure that this procedure is not compromised by the usage of our technologies. The business declared that its goal is to guarantee the security of AI system development, deployment, and use. This year, in addition to India, there will be elections for the US presidency and the UK parliament.

These may be changes:

  1. According to OpenAI, users will be able to get real-time information through ChatGPT. The chatbot will also attach links to where it has taken the information.
  2. OpenAI is going to bring such a tool which will help in identifying the pictures created by AI. For this, the company will encode the photos. With this, users will be able to get information about the person who created the photo and the time it was created.
Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer