Captain of Australian blind football team Amir Abdi

Captain of Australian blind football team Amir Abdi: Facing discrimination since childhood in Iran, left the country due to threats

Nov 18, 2022 - 23:37
Captain of Australian blind football team Amir Abdi

Due to my disability, it is difficult to do daily work. Being such an athlete might come as a surprise to many. Amir Abdi is one such athlete. Who plays blind football at the international level? He has come to play the series in India at this time. We are telling you the success story of Amir Abdi, captain of the Australian blind football team.
Abdi's journey to becoming an international player was very difficult. He was born in Iran. He was a Kurd, so he faced discrimination at school. Abdi says- 'At the age of 12, I was taken to the hospital due to a headache.' Due to negligence in the operation, he lost his eyesight.
After losing his eyesight, all of Abdi's dreams were over. But, his maternal uncle never gave up. He enrolled Abdi in a school for the disabled, but he was not admitted because he was a Kurd, after which he studied in a school in Isfahan.
Once he didn't do his homework, he was punished for making the rounds of the school. There a teacher saw him play and put him on the goalball team.
He also got involved in politics and started raising awareness about disabilities, due to which he faced many threats in Iran. Then for this reason in 2013 he became a refugee in Australia. He remained in immigration detention for some years.
There too he used to play goalball, after which he was given a temporary visa. After a lot of difficulties, he was given a talent visa in February 2022. He was drawn to blind football in Melbourne. Now Abdi's dream is to see Australia's blind football team qualify for the 2024 or 2028 Paralympics.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer