Actor Manit Joura's two flats were in Twin Towers

Actor Manit Joura's two flats were in Twin Towers: The pain of breaking the building was expressed on social media, said - so far only 70 percent of the money has been received

Sep 4, 2022 - 22:01
Actor Manit Joura's two flats were in Twin Towers

On August 28, the Supertech Twin Towers located in Noida were demolished in just 9 seconds. This decision of the Supreme Court made those people very sad, who invested their life's deposits in buying a flat in Twin Towers. One of the same people is Kundali Bhagya actor Manit Joura, who had flats in Twin Towers, but his dreams were shattered due to the building collapse. In fact, Manit's father had bought two flats in the Apex and Cyan building of the Twin Towers, but after the decision of the Supreme Court, both his flats turned into rubble.
Kundali Bhagya lead actress Shraddha Arya shared the video on her Instagram handle. In which Manit told his pain. At the beginning of the video, Shraddha tells that we had two flats in the twin tower that fell within nine seconds in Noida, the actress further asks in the video how much money have you received from the government so far.
On this, Manit said that till now he has been able to get only 70 percent of the money, which is very less according to the market rate. However, he is happy that at least the money he had invested got back. Manit further said that I am happy that the Supreme Court has taken our stand.
Almost everyone saw the twin tower being demolished, but Manit told that he did not see the sight of the building turning into rubble. However, he definitely shared the video of this scene on the WhatsApp group.
Manit told in the video that there was a distance of twenty-12 meters between the two towers, while according to the rules there should be a distance of 20 meters. Simultaneously, Manit told that the land belonged to the second block, the builder had not taken his permission before building the Twin Towers.
Manit said in a conversation with E-Times, 'Home was like emotion for us. My father always wanted to live in a good place, but his dream could not be fulfilled. The fall of the Twin Towers was a big accident for us. My father fought for the right in court for a long time, due to which he had to go to court even at this age. The actor said that whatever money we have got is much less than the market value, due to which we did not get many benefits.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer