Mahi Srivastava demanded a desi groom from Bholenath, said 'Dulha Desi Chahi', this video went viral

Bhojpuri cinema songs have a lot of juice of romance and devotion. These days the festival of Sawan is going on. In such a situation, many songs have been made from Bhojpuri cinema to please Baba Bholnath and fulfill his wishes, which have received a lot of love from the audience so far. Mahi Srivastava has come up with one such song.

Jul 24, 2023 - 12:02
Mahi Srivastava demanded a desi groom from Bholenath, said 'Dulha Desi Chahi', this video went viral

There is a lot of love for Bhojpuri actress Mahi Srivastava's style. Due to her acting and her style, she rules the hearts of millions of people. Mahi's songs create a lot of buzz in the Bhojpuri industry. The fans like the kind of songs she does. To keep up the dose of entertainment for her fans, Mahhi is back with yet another album titled 'Dulha Desi Chahi'.
This song is sung by Shivani Singh. People also like his songs very much. Recently Mahi Srivastava and Shivani Singh's new Bolbam song 'Dulha Desi Chahi' was released from Worldwide Records Bhojpuri's official YouTube channel, which is being liked by the audience. This song is also becoming very viral on social media. Mahi's desi look in the video of the song is tremendous.
In this, Mahi has demanded a native groom for herself in the month of Sawan, while pleasing Bhole Baba. The context of the song is that I don't want anything else Bhola ji just give a desi groom. In the song, Mahi stands in front of Bholenath ji's idol and says that na ghare pankh nahi cooler na aisi chahiye Bhola ji... Maa ne khelwa hamar dulha desi chahi Bhola ji...
The smile on Mahi's face in the song is very adorable, which is enough to make the audience go crazy. This song mixed in the voice of Shivani Singh is being liked a lot. It is taking no time to get the song on the tongue of the people because the song is very sweet and simple, which has captured the hearts and minds of the audience as soon it comes. Anyway, Bholenath's songs are on everyone's lips in Sawan. At the same time, very beautiful locations have been used in this song, which is making it even more beautiful.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer