Rishaad celebrates love beyond the lover’s tiff

Jun 22, 2022 - 14:56
Rishaad celebrates love beyond the lover’s tiff

An amorous dedication to ‘the one’, penned by the 20-year-old melodic rapper Rishaad Chaudhry, Tu was released on June 21st, 2022. 

Rooted in hip-hop production while imaginatively looping a finger-picking guitar over melodic bars, Tu meanders through pop, Desi rap, and direct, no-frills songwriting.


The new song acknowledges the ideal kind of love in which a person can never imagine themselves with anyone else in place of their partner. The main character of the artist never wants to let go of the title "Tu."

Rishaad's second Hindi/Urdu release is an acoustic framework for a heartfelt pop song that is presented as a hip-hop offering. This young melodic rapper's seventh album maintains his distinctive songwriting approach while also demonstrating his desire to stray from the themes of his earlier work.

Tu is a skillfully crafted story that blends elements of various genres to form a realistic theme. As he seamlessly name-checks his previous single Khafa and transitions to incorporating his own name in the same verse, Rishaad's deft lyrical playfulness is front and centre. Tu is a new romantic genre that features a rare or "rishaad" (Urdu) love that is carried by mellow, dreamy beats.

Tu's beat was created by track producer ProdVenus, and Rishaad then wrote the desi rap-style song over it. "Tu is the result of my experiences and those of others regarding the profound effects that love can have on us." Love enables us to become emotionally attached to just one person, whom we do not want to let go of under any circumstances. This is precisely what my song is about. Rishaad elaborates on the romantic model of intense love and affection despite difficulties in a relationship that served as the inspiration for him to write Tu: "It echoes the love for a special person."

The artwork for Tu is a reworking of Michelangelo's legendary Creation of Adam. The hands facing each other in Rishaad's interpretation of the masterpiece represent the love for a special person in one's life. Rishaad wants the audience to view the Renaissance artwork in a new way. His point of view perfectly captures the emotions he expresses in the song.

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