Recognition of AAP should be cancelled: Retired bureaucrats demand from Election Commission

Recognition of AAP should be cancelled: Retired bureaucrats demand from Election Commission; Said- Kejriwal is using government people for elections

Sep 16, 2022 - 06:57
Recognition of AAP should be cancelled: Retired bureaucrats demand from Election Commission

57 retired bureaucrats have written a letter to the Election Commission to cancel the recognition of the ruling Aam Aadmi Party of Delhi and Punjab. The letter said that AAP's convener Arvind Kejriwal has used government employees in the election campaign. Efforts are being made through him to win the Gujarat assembly elections.
The bureaucrats have referred to a press conference of Arvind Kejriwal held in Rajkot on 3rd September in the letter. He wrote that the Chief Minister of Delhi has repeatedly reiterated that the government employees should work for the victory of the AAP party.
Retired bureaucrats said that the government employees of Gujarat are being used by Kejriwal to campaign for his party. Kejriwal has appealed to home guards, policemen, Anganwadi workers, and government drivers to work for the party in the coming elections.
Bureaucrats say that the job of a civil servant in any state is only to deliver government schemes to the people. He has nothing to do with politics. He cannot work for any party, but in his press conference, CM Kejriwal has asked him to campaign for the party many times.
In the letter written in the Election Commission, it has been claimed that after these statements of Arvind Kejriwal, the general public is losing faith in the government employees. The general public is now feeling as if every government employee works for some political party.
Not only this, the retired bureaucrats said that Kejriwal has talked about free electricity, education and putting 1000 rupees in the account of women if the Aam Aadmi Party gets support. Whereas most of the bureaucrats are considering the policy of Kejriwal as wrong. Not only this, but Kejriwal has also appealed to the government employees to work for the party by luring them many times. In view of all these statements, a demand has been made from the Election Commission to cancel the membership of the Aam Aadmi Party.
Former Chief Secretary of Kerala Anand Bose, Ex-IAS RD Kapoor, Ex-IAS Saurabh Chandra, Ex-IAS K Sridhar Rao, Ex-IAS Abhik Ghosh, Ex-IAS CS Khairwal, Ex-IRS SK Goel, Ex-IFS Niranjan Desai, Ex-IFS Satish Mehta, Ex-IAS IFS Bhaswati Mukherjee, Vidyasagar, Bala Shetty, former IPS Umesh Kumar, M. Mohan Raj, Nirmal Kaur, Mahesh Singhla, Sheela Priya, G. Many former officers including Prasanna Kumar, Sanjay Dixit, PB Ramamurthy have signatures.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer