Now money will have to be paid to secure a Twitter account

Now money will have to be paid to secure a Twitter account: only users with a Blue subscription will get the facility of two-factor authentication

Mar 20, 2023 - 10:23
Now money will have to be paid to secure a Twitter account

Today i.e. from March 20, Twitter is going to discontinue Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Now, this security feature will be available only to subscribers with a blue tick mark. To make accounts more secure through two-factor authentication, the account holder gets to use a second authentication method in addition to the password.
If you already have the 2FA feature, you'll need to either get a Twitter Blue subscription or de-activate it in order to retain SMS-based 2FA.
If you don't update the settings by March 20, your account won't be suspended, but your account won't be safe after Twitter removes 2FA. You will be able to access the account normally.

How to change 2FA settings?
1- It is an easy and fast process, which will hardly take a few minutes.
2- Users need to go to the Settings page on their Twitter app or desktop site.
3- There choose the option of security and account access.
4- After that go to the Security option and follow the steps to reach the 2FA page.
5- Other third-party apps like Duo Mobile and Authy may also come in handy. Users just need to follow the instructions to download them and link them to their Twitter accounts.

Explain that Musk wants to strengthen Twitter financially by the end of 2023. They have also modified some services like Blue subscription to increase revenue. The monthly subscription to this service for web users in India is Rs 650. At the same time, for this in America, 11 dollars will have to be paid every month.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer