Janhvi's reaction on the news of relationship with Orhaan

Janhvi's reaction to the news of relationship with Orhaan: Said - I feel at home when he is around

Nov 6, 2022 - 20:44
Janhvi's reaction on the news of relationship with Orhaan

Actress Janhvi Kapoor remains in the headlines for her personal life. Recently, there were reports that she is dating famous vlogger Orhan Avtramani. Now recently, the reaction of Janhvi Kapoor herself has come to the fore on this news, she has spoken openly about her and Orhan's relationship for the first time.
During a special conversation with News18, when Janhvi was asked about Orhan. Then Janhvi said about roomed boyfriend – When he is around me, I feel at home. He is a very special friend of mine. I and Orhan have known each other for a long time. He is the kind of person with whom I not only feel good, but he always supports me in bad times, and always pats me on my back for my success. I feel at home when he is around and I have full faith in him. I think it is very difficult to find such a friend in life. A friend who stands up for you just as he stands up for his special friends. He is a very nice person.
For a long time, Orhan and Janhvi have been seen together on many occasions. In the past, both were spotted together at a Halloween party. This party was hosted by Orhan himself. Apart from this, Janhvi was also spotted at the Diwali party with Orhan. Let us tell you that both have also travelled to many countries together.
Janhvi Kapoor's film Mili is busy at the box office these days. The collection of the film may not be special, but Janhvi is being praised a lot. This film is a remake of the superhit Malayalam film Helen in the year 2019. Apart from this, Janhvi will soon be seen in Mr. and Mrs. Mahi. This movie is based on cricket. The film is directed by Sharan Sharma.

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