Husband Dies Of Slow Poisoning; wife conspired with lover for property

Husband killed by giving slow poison: conspiracy hatched with lover for property, mother-in-law's death also happened like this

Husband Dies Of Slow Poisoning; wife conspired with lover for property

A case of murder has come to light in Santacruz, Mumbai. Here a woman murdered her husband along with her lover. The woman used to mix slow poison in her husband's food every day. The police have arrested the woman and her lover. It is being told that the woman killed her husband Kamalkant out the greed of for property. Not only this, but he also collected information about Kamalkant's insurance policies.

The accused have been identified as 46-year-old Kajal Singh and 45-year-old lover Hitesh Jain. It is being told that Kajal's mother-in-law had died in this way a few days back. She also had the same symptoms of the disease, which were found in her husband. The police are probing both of them from the angle of murder.

Investigation revealed that Kajal had started living separately from her Kamalkant a few years back, but she returned to her husband keeping in mind the future of the child. The police also told that it was Hitesh's idea to give slow poison to Kamalkant so that he would die slowly and no one would even know.

According to the police, high levels of arsenic and thallium were found in Kamalkant's blood. It is unusual to find such metals in the body of any human being.

According to the police, Kamalkant took medicine on the advice of the family doctor. He was then admitted to the hospital after complaining of stomach pain. During his stay in the hospital, Kamalkant's organs gradually stopped functioning, leading the doctors to suspect organ failure. After this, the doctors sent his blood samples for examination, in which large amounts of arsenic and thallium were found. Police officials told that Kamalkant had died on 19 September.

Before Kamalkant, his mother had also died in the same way. During interrogation, the woman confessed to killing her husband as well as her mother-in-law. After being produced in court, both have been sent to police custody till December 8.

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