Hockey player Surendra's house celebration on silver medal

The wife said on the silver medal - kept the promise; Father told childhood things

Aug 8, 2022 - 20:24
Hockey player Surendra's house celebration on silver medal

The final match was played between the Indian men's hockey team and Australia in the Commonwealth Games. Kurukshetra hockey player Surendra Kumar was also included in the India team. Surendra Palad, originally a resident of Barana village of Karnal, is currently living in Kurukshetra. India's Hockey team won the silver medal.
There is an atmosphere of happiness in Surendra's house. The family is a little sad that the team was not able to win the gold, but to bring a silver medal is also a big achievement. Happiness is celebrated by feeding sweets at home and the family says that when Surendra comes back to India, he will be welcomed with full gusto.
Surendra's wife Garima says that it is a good achievement for the team to reach here. The whole team worked hard and we were able to win the silver. When Surendra left home, he had promised that he would return with a medal and he fulfilled his promise. This medal is the medal of the whole of India.
Surendra's mother Neelam Devi is happy that her son is a part of this team. She says that when Surendra started playing hockey, people used to say what will you do by feeding him, today Surendra's achievement has not only illuminated the name of the entire family but also the name of the country. The whole team played the match with heart but perhaps they didn't have heart today.
Referring to Surendra's father Malkhan Singh Surendra's childhood, he said that when Surendra started playing hockey, we even refused to give Surendra a hockey stick. A friend of mine got Surendra a hockey stick. Today he is proud of his son that he is part of the team that brought a bronze medal in the Olympics and a silver medal in the Commonwealth.
He says that his family is a simple family. I was also a small farmer, but today we have all the comforts because of Surendra. Proud of the son, Surendra's father prays for everyone to get such a son. The father said that when Surendra comes back home, he will be welcomed with full gusto. Its preparations have already started.
Hockey player Surendra started his career in the year 2004 at Dronacharya Stadium in Kurukshetra. Surendra Kumar Palad performed brilliantly in the Junior National Hockey Championship held in Pune, Maharashtra in the year 2011. The team broke the record of 50 years by registering a victory. After this Surendra was selected for the Indian Hockey Camp.

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